Thursday, June 28, 2007


It depends if its right or wrong....
what is right? what is wrong?
How can it be distiguished? and from the eyes of whom?
Politics are society requirements, so rules must me stablished;
right- the right to live in the society that u are born (play by the rules or else...)
wrong-its wrong to manipulate natural rules

we are slaves on our own destiny in the sence that we must accept the environment
where we root ourselves in to.

prison break- even people that live accepting the society in a constructive way, are tempted to
suddenly jump to the margin of what is the politicaly right; so the coin as always to faces;
are we really ourselves? or are we just playing a role in balance of what we've achieve until a certain moment?

well my definition is as it follows:
we are really ourselves, but within a certain walls waiting to look what is behind from them.

slow motion and the music " such a perfect day, drinking sangria in the park....."

saluti per tutti au revoir até à vista hasta la vista auf wieder sehen

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


All fight for something
none really fight...its their fated (canora fatum)


Portuguese people are very peculiar;
they spend so many times dreaming (which could be usefull
if it was apllied to inovative questions or new ideas) , but instead they sing "FADO"
and blame each other for the situation hopping that something happens in between

there are lots of unused knowledge that should be a network to pick up
so much wasted talent....

and waste should be treated by "environmentologists" :)


i wonder if there is some kind of society that
cant be based or pushed by economy, (only tribes u say)

Imagine tribes rulling the rest of the world;

Something like :

great bear
"if u dont do it in our way, our gods will give you lack of rain during next year"


gave myself some minutes to post here something,
it hasn't to be logical or funny either; i would define it as an abstract (like painting)
like writting;

so.... whats wrong with people today? whats the rush? is there really a reason?

wrong: people look into their one ego as the center of the attention.

rush: people do understand that the time is limited so they want to do everything in the shortest glance of time;

reason: is there really a reason ? (i guees the sense of humanity is based on fear, but this is my opinion).....