Wednesday, July 4, 2007


There's a bit of comparasion between life and some painting;
well, starting in the point of view and how we see things;
things are not as it seems (yep politicians have feelings too)


something like:

- I love so much to lie! - love feeling
- In the first opportunity i'll disappear with low life people - ansiety feeling
- I'll have to win the next elections otherwise i'll have to find other political job- hope feeling
- Crap, i should have done some good for this people - guilty feeling
- My pockets are filled enough for this month - hapiness feeling


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Max said...

Wow! Very interesting blog! I loved the relationship between politics and basic human feelings, very intelligent!
The title of the blog is very intelligent too: congrats!
My name is Max; and if you wish you may visit me at: