Sunday, July 15, 2007

Massive atacks

Theres an hudge amount of things that became

Are we also a massification product?

We are unique, but all follow a certain pattern.

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Max said...

Hi G!
My understanding of Mass is the amount of physical matter that an object has. Now, can this be applied to humans? I'd say so, but I'm not an expert of physics, in fact it is not a subject that I particularly like...but if we're all made of matter, then I guess we're a massified product (being a product a creation)! However if it is a "trocadilho" then I'd definitely have to agree, cause humans nowadays are massified indeed, in a sense that they've become a big mass: They think alike, they dress alike, they eat the same things, they behave alike, they speak alike, they watch the same movies...c'est fou! And then, there are the other humans who try to part from that group, but get frustrated cause without wanting it: they see themselves entangled in the masses' web!
Corruption starts at home, when parents tell their kids: "if you behave, daddy will give you X or Y!". Consumption: people buy stuff as a way of escaping pain...however like Budha said "Everything is pain", so compulsive consummers are just wasting their time: the pain won't go away; and they're only increasing it by maxing out their Credit cards! The web is a massive form of communication, which has a good side, and a terrible side...but I only focus on its good aspect!
We are unique when it comes to DNA, perhaps; but most people in the world are like sheeps....

By the way: I love the images you put on your posts!