Monday, July 23, 2007


Imagine if on a political debate it could be heard
interviewer woman and politician man thought:

i-would u like to tell people what would you do if u win the elections?
i thought- as if i dont know... keep your friends in gov, fill your pockets with money;

p-i think that the first measure will be defenetly to reduce taxes.
p thought-... to reduce in one hand and to raise in other....... nice clivage.

i-and how do you think this could be possible?
i thought- yeah right, i know what would like to raise .... are you looking at my clivage?

p-well, first i would hardly combact corruption, then i would force finances to work extra time
with juridic support in order to get more efeciency and tax banking in their major transactions;
p thought - ... then i would try to get your phone number, invite you to dinner and.....

i-but dont you think that would be dramatic action as it is a long shot, i mean trying to move banking?!
i thought- stupid this your foot that i'm feeling in my leg?

p-its not easy but our gov is used to deal with this hot issues.... ah aha ah( laugh)
p thought- oh yeah thats my foot

i-did you know that i'm black belted, you schmuck?

p-oh dear, you can wear anything u like have no problem with that.



-(voice in studio)- sorry, but your mind is in the air, I repeat, your mind is on the air!

Interruption for comercials.......


Max said...

Hey Gallardo!

LOL LOL are you disappointed at politicians or something? Sophistry exists since the beginning of Politics, so we shouldn't be so surprised at their fallacious speech! Any one who decides to join politics has to learn how to throw a fib or two *nodding*! As long as they guarantee sewage systems, tap-water, keep the quality of roads, ensure the quality of life of its citizens...they can lie all they want (cause after all we live in much better conditions than many countries out there...we have the basics!)

"Looking at my cleavage"? LOL LOL were you thinking about Pedro Santana Lopes, or something? lol *nodding*!
LOL LOL brilliant!!!!! I loved this post....:)


P.S: loved the pic, once again!

Aysa said...

We have a poet who has a poem, which I write the translation:

"How I wish the seeds of people's heart could be clear (like the seeds of a pomegranate)..."

It could be as good as it can be bad....