Wednesday, August 29, 2007


universe.... so dense; earth....interesting planet
some people (to much people)...shallow (???) most of people.... average

as stephen hawking refered in its biographyis realy the universe expanding?

What is our contribuition for this expansion? Are we collapsing while the whole universe expands?

If it was for the patterns following we should expand. Well, expansion and development are linkend.
A consequense of this linking process, is our vulnerable sides to the rest of the world.

As we've seen, the stock market can really affect all countrys
even the ones that potencialy have nothing to do with it (market)
But some how this could explain a sudden world economic collapse.


All can be affected.

Well, not all, the ones that kept fishing on some remote cristal water beach and felt good with themselves didn't even noticed a small breeze.

there's always a choice.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


puppets power nuclear politics game masks

Q: have you ever felt like you're in a movie where
script as already been written and played...?


now, time to a short break with some comercials:

welcome to planet earth, the planet where you can live aprox. 60 years
wondering this trully life moments.

we have clean water
nice landscapes
wild everywhere even outside the jungle
and the best: politicians!

EARTH...... the place we all know!

Here you can eat each other without being caught in chain (ensurances not included)
VIP passes to banks to do whatever you want (theater roles, where you can play with real money).
Only for some millions you can achieve to president of something or country.

EARTH...... the place we all know!


A: No. I have the power to make my own decisions; we are ruled by nice people that care
and make the difference of what my needs are. I feel happy about it, and liked to have been internationaly numbered as 345987654777398 which is a very unique number. I just have to be wired 20 h/ day and watched in every cctv.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Peace of mind, tranquility, destressing, sea, seagles,
blue sky, beach, sand, museums, travelling, to sleep,
nature, visits (to friends), rainbow, ice creams, night
writting, music, wind.

where all the people went?
why its raining today?
where did i left my favourite t-shirt?
maybe north coast water temperature this year will raise up!