Thursday, August 9, 2007


puppets power nuclear politics game masks

Q: have you ever felt like you're in a movie where
script as already been written and played...?


now, time to a short break with some comercials:

welcome to planet earth, the planet where you can live aprox. 60 years
wondering this trully life moments.

we have clean water
nice landscapes
wild everywhere even outside the jungle
and the best: politicians!

EARTH...... the place we all know!

Here you can eat each other without being caught in chain (ensurances not included)
VIP passes to banks to do whatever you want (theater roles, where you can play with real money).
Only for some millions you can achieve to president of something or country.

EARTH...... the place we all know!


A: No. I have the power to make my own decisions; we are ruled by nice people that care
and make the difference of what my needs are. I feel happy about it, and liked to have been internationaly numbered as 345987654777398 which is a very unique number. I just have to be wired 20 h/ day and watched in every cctv.


Zhu said...

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting me on planet earth !

I wish there were more commercials like yours... I'm getting quite tired of "call 1800 screw you" :D

Fun blog - how long have you been blogging for ?

Max said...

Ciao Gallardo!

One of your best, man...!
La Pub...sim, senhor...I particularly loved that part where you said "Here you can eat each other without being caught in chain (ensurances not included)" lol lol; and also "Only for some millions you can achieve to president of something or country."...indeed, lately it has been proved that if you have raised enough cash; although no brains, you can still become a president of whatever!

Well, here in Portugal, if you use the C factor (cunha) you get anywhere, chissà even to Presidency *nodding*!
lol It's true: there are some people who are still deluded, thinking that they hold control over their lives; that no one knows what they do, where they go, who they are...but the awful truth is: we are being watched; we are and debit cards, registered cell-phones, blueberries, ISP, cctv, GPS...the bloody Big Brother!!!!


GALLARDO said...

Zhu - blogging since a long time ago...... er... 1 month!

Thx for dropp by and comms, hope u'll continue to show up!

Max - thx! i liked your "C factor" as an expression. It sounds a foreing movie or something.
C Factor - with Al Paccino and Jodie Foster. Only in the best theaters. : )

Best regards

Aysa said...

Nice and creative one, keep writing... best of luck

Max said...

Hey Gallardo!

A present for the "rentrée": you have been awarded!

Come and collect your award at: