Wednesday, August 29, 2007


universe.... so dense; earth....interesting planet
some people (to much people)...shallow (???) most of people.... average

as stephen hawking refered in its biographyis realy the universe expanding?

What is our contribuition for this expansion? Are we collapsing while the whole universe expands?

If it was for the patterns following we should expand. Well, expansion and development are linkend.
A consequense of this linking process, is our vulnerable sides to the rest of the world.

As we've seen, the stock market can really affect all countrys
even the ones that potencialy have nothing to do with it (market)
But some how this could explain a sudden world economic collapse.


All can be affected.

Well, not all, the ones that kept fishing on some remote cristal water beach and felt good with themselves didn't even noticed a small breeze.

there's always a choice.


Max said...

Hey G!

It's true: some people being shallow, is too much people, indeed! Even though being only some it feels like they're the majority; it's like they fill the whole damned world! Shallow, narrow minded, lazy people are the ones who prevent the mentality "expansion" of this world! I wonder how can it be that a few can influence the whole society...

Yep, the stock market has and will continue to affect all countries; cause those which apparently have nothing to do with it, are more linked to it than we think! There's so much going on that we know nothing about (or pretend not to know..."só sei que nada sei!")!

lol yeah, but when the fishing is over they will realise that they've been affected somehow...

Indeed, there's always a choice; the challenge is to choose correctly!

Once again, I must praise your art-piece: marvellous! What does the black dot represent: us in the Universe? A human being who feels crashed by the world? A humiliated being who feels so small he wishes he could disappear...? This is open to interpretation, which makes it more challenging!


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max,
Since i couldn't agree more with you.... except for the fisher man... that i stupidly thought that he was untouchable : ) well i tried to represent the ones that accept the world as it is.

I dont know if u really want me to answer u, my meaning for the picture....but i would rather say it can be all and nothing (full/empty) wich lives u also with the chalenge eh eh eh :)


Max said...


I have awarded you:


P.S: yeah, leave it to my imagination (although it would be interesting the point of view of the Artist lol)! Cheers...

Max said...

of course I put the wrong link lol:


Max said...

Ciao G!

I loved your comment: thank you!

I found extremely interesting that division, into categories, of sex (this is exactly what I wanted to see people doing; and you've done it *bowing*)!

By the way: I miss your posts, when will be due
the next one?