Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Where do you want to live?
What does connect us all? How do we connect?
Are we living something? Are we living global?

Lets start from a basis where i supposed to writte my
thoughts in some diary, instead on the internet, where
i can only share them, to some close society network.

So, from that point of view i'm living something to feed (perhaps)
someones 2nd life.

"Come and see THE GREATEST WEBCIRCUS today with our last attraction:
3DTHOUGHT - a rare and dangerous web camaleon - you can feed it for yourself
with allnight shows until next few days"

Its curious the way that our intereactions serve us to
develop some basic needs...such as emotions or physical contact;
I only can imagine persons such as the ones that are closed in their perfect world (profets
philosophers, politicians, homer simpson, my friends cat...) that can escape
from that steriotype.

So at the end, we are beings capable to adapt, and create several
masks within ourselves ready to be used .

3DTHOUGHT: 2ND LIFE is a diferent way to spend money and time,
but the "other life" has already been lived before and always will.....


Max said...

Hey G!

"Where do we want to live?" - I wish we had some choice on this one. I am not talking about where would I live now, as a person. I would like us to think very carefully about where we want to live next time, however we don't get to choose it; we are assigned to a certain place, and there we must fulfill our mission; our karma!

"What does connect us all? How do we connect?" - attraction connects us, love connects us, suffering, basic emotions! We connect by taking sympathy for those who suffer; we connect by taking the first step towards happiness/pain; we connect because our human condition forces us to connect! Solitute drives humans crazy! Connection is a basic need!

LOL *nodding*: dangerous and rare? You?! How interesting...very interesting, indeed! I guess I'll have to attend that show, and check that out with my own eyes...
So well put, my friend "(...) the ones that are closed in their perfect world (...) can escape from that stereotype"; however is their world really that perfect? Everything has a price: what is the price of living in an apparent-perfect world? Intolerance towards those who think less (or are too lazy to think), intolerance when it comes to certain behaviours, intolerance towards those who are less enlightened!

Ah, Masks!! Our most useful invisible-object! Can't live without them, can we? God forbid that we show our true colours to others; our true feelings, needs, desires...masks are extremely necessary: we use them as a self-control mechanism!

3DThought: an excellent blog! We always re-live our lives again, and again until we fulfill our mission here: it's our fate as souls! As humans we need only to learn and adjust!

As usual: great image!


Aysa said...


Just came over to ur place of living to say: "great job, continue!"

And a bout masks, ya, we all put it on every morning we wake up...sometimes we r so fasinated with this mask that we even dream about it...

I don't know how many lives I have been given n how many left, but I just hope n try to live in a way that when I look back we don't regret anything...

Sorry for not being able to write u here recently...thnx for visiting my blog too n 4 ur comments...