Thursday, September 20, 2007


Dont people get some regrets once in a while?
Do these regrets ocuppy to much space in mind?

I haven't lately seen politicians with theirs heads bend....
so, my answer to my own question could be....


What would be the last thoughts of a minister/president when he's about to sleep?

2-dear God please make my phone silent (and my wife, by the way)
3-I should have asked for that dress to be clean
4-So lets rewind my speach: My country is developing, my country is developing
5-I will never be a fisher man.

....and so on

There are people that say "i only regret for things that i havent done"
So they can free their minds....virtually, externally.

Theres always a frame, in which we stand when we're about to take some decisions.
But theres is a chance that we have thoughts about the decisions taken before.....
Learning from the past or forsighting to the future this is the main issue.

My 3d thought about this: keep your mind free.

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Max said...

Hey G!

People should regret their actions once in a while, but not all of them do *nodding*!
No, people do not invest much time on regrets cause that would imply that they would actually have to analyse their own life, and face their mistakes, wrong choices etc...

lol lol I love the politicians' thoughts before going to bed:

1- I wouldn't say "nothing", I'd say "Oh please, God, don't let the press find out!" lol
2- no comments...
3- Hum...this reminds me of Billy!
4- lol lol typical...
5- Bacardi commercial "you will never gonna be a fisherman!" "Yes, I will!" lol

Absolutely: people say these staple sentences to avoid self-confrontation! It is a defense mechanism, a dangerous one since it only creates useless, coward, loser people! If one can't face oneself, one is uncapable of facing the world, others, success!

Learning from the past is vital, otherwise what are you doing here? We keep coming back, because we are here to improve our past actions and decision making; the same events will keep repeating again and again until we learn how to respond, to decide and act differently (karma Law)!
Forseeing the future: very hard to do, and not everybody is focused enough to do it (mind you that I am not saying that not everybody can do it, cause I believe that anyone could! The thing is people don't care, and when some do, within that group some don't focus enough on the real purpose...they only focus on the dough they can earn from "foreseeing")!
Foresight, prediction is an extremely important tool to correct the past!

I agree with your 3D thought: free your mind!