Monday, October 15, 2007


Faith is our last strength shell.
Is a projection of something in the future,
to really rely on something and believe in it no matter what.

Is there a way to define ourselves in terms of faith?
I mean, is there some kind of quantifier that allow us to
see if we have faith enough?

Probably there are some values that can be mixed
that can inpower this "faith " effect such as trust and hope.

I guess there are some items we can use to define our faith component;
so imagine a person that usually gets some faults because of its faith in:


so the amount or % of successfull actions relied on faith would be the
amount of faith that a person had.

Faith can also help people to believe and to achieve goals in an easier way;
could be also an Utopia, but one should never forget our reality
which is our humanity, hence it depends of our desire to reach something
or some entity;

As FAITH human beings i belive there's some ratio that could give some answer to this:
our materialistic side and our spirit side (how much do we have of each will reflect if
we are more ore less faith dependents or users...)

Monday, October 8, 2007


I wonder what kind of language do we want to use
or are we using.

Comunication is one of our basic means of personal exchange.
From sounds to multi languistic support we've achieved a central point:

we can comunicate in severeal ways.

But what matters comunication if there isn't any basic message in it?
Todays messages are supported in the most several ways,
as a paradox, i'm sure that the most inocent and guilty its our own voice,
where its owner/ carrier as the commitment to use it into an hudge
amounts of subjects at its own delight. (here the carrier can use inocently or not).

Of course the message could be emphasized depending from carrier to carrier.

The less inocent are the comercials and media, where everything has been thoutht
with an objective purpose;
i mean there are lots of other contributions besides the carrier thought...


If i would said in a Newspaper that due to international subprime crysis the XYZ country,
will get some finance problem in the midle of 2008, this info for itself wouldn't mean
nothing using the world as the main target.
But if this was said by some management Guru, the stock market could be shaken.


If i look into an Outdoor advirtising with some happy persons drinking or eating some Diet Soda, Cookies, or Light Burgers; So the message could be: drink it, eat it, as much as you can, it will leave you happy like these andsome persons.

Or .... some country governer saying in TV that a fish company will be stablished at your country with potencial creation of 1500 work places; which means that its country its developing....... (poor the ones that make part of the rest of 400 000);

Hence messages can propagate, increase, decrease, develop, finish, make believe
being implicit or explicit.

My 3DTHOUGHT: should be aware of how much fake is there in a MESSAGE.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I believe, as an world citizen,
i must have a vision and capacity
to understand each others thoughts
and always use some "notes"
to remind me that i should be carefull
in my speech and acts (theoria et praxis).
as long as it doesnt affects one's character.

So that make of me a tolerant person...
and if some other person disconnect this reallity of tolerance?

I mean what are the limits of tolerance?

Could a tradition or culture be against tolerance?
can multi-leveled types of tolerance co-exhist in the same world?

(its not something like going to doctor and get a prescription saying
that "sorry i'm afraid u have intolerance.
u've got to take two doses of tolerance every day, before and after
meetings... additionaly ....well you can say the F ... word once in a while,
specially if you look to your country and their governers keep lying"
Thanks doctor, i thought that it was gases........bye
F ... F... F...F...)