Monday, October 15, 2007


Faith is our last strength shell.
Is a projection of something in the future,
to really rely on something and believe in it no matter what.

Is there a way to define ourselves in terms of faith?
I mean, is there some kind of quantifier that allow us to
see if we have faith enough?

Probably there are some values that can be mixed
that can inpower this "faith " effect such as trust and hope.

I guess there are some items we can use to define our faith component;
so imagine a person that usually gets some faults because of its faith in:


so the amount or % of successfull actions relied on faith would be the
amount of faith that a person had.

Faith can also help people to believe and to achieve goals in an easier way;
could be also an Utopia, but one should never forget our reality
which is our humanity, hence it depends of our desire to reach something
or some entity;

As FAITH human beings i belive there's some ratio that could give some answer to this:
our materialistic side and our spirit side (how much do we have of each will reflect if
we are more ore less faith dependents or users...)


Oswegan said...

Nice thoughts about faith. I was just writing yesterday about spiritual growth and the parable of the soils. Sort of a coincidence, I suppose.

I found you through Max.



Max said...

Ciao G,

Everybody is very spiritual this week: even I will post an article about spirituality tomorrow (only mine is a bit controversial lol)!
Oswegan's article is also very good: Je viens de le lire...trés insteressant!

No, there's no quantifier to check the amount of faith one has. Besides, does it matter?
I think that the amount of faith each one has is the enough quantity of faith one should have at that particularly event, or moment in life.

Well, I can trust someone and yet have no faith in her/him in certain aspects. Or I can hope that that person will behave in a certain way, and yet not trust her/him at all. Or I may even have faith in somebody (faith that that person will adopt a certain strategy) and yet not trust her/him (being fully conscious that she/he might betray me, or people around me)...
Hope is a value that may be related to faith, yes (some people do not distinguish between the two)!

Sometimes you can have all the faith in the world; but since you do not control the energetic waves of others' faith, successful actions become impossible to achieve (or are simply delayed)! This is a tough issue to address, and involves a lot of things, but I salute you for leaving it to our imagination :).

I love the great final of this article, G "how much do we have of each will reflect if we are more or less faith dependents or users..." this is extremely important, cause some people rely too much on their faith and forget to act. Others use faith to not act at all. And others act, work, build knowing that what they do will contribute for the development of their community (believing that their strength to perform that job comes from a Higher Source)!

I utterly loved the image: it's so soothing (maybe it's the ball...some women love everything that is round, it reminds them of the uterus: creation)!


Livingsword said...

Hi Gallardo;

I have enjoyed looking around your blog and will be back in the future, interesting that we “see” each other at Max’s but have never spoken; I always enjoy reading your comments.

In modern English faith and trust can really be used interchangeably. Here is a great Biblical example from a modern paraphrase:

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It's our handle on what we can't see.
- - Hebrews 11:1 (The Message)

Faith or trust is only as good as in whom, or Whom, it is placed. If you place your trust in a being that does not exist or is not worthy of trust then you are in dire trouble.

I find it interesting how trust is developed over time thru relationship, interaction. With
God although we cannot “see” Him we can still develop faith thru relationship, the more the interaction within relationship the more the trust.