Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I believe, as an world citizen,
i must have a vision and capacity
to understand each others thoughts
and always use some "notes"
to remind me that i should be carefull
in my speech and acts (theoria et praxis).
as long as it doesnt affects one's character.

So that make of me a tolerant person...
and if some other person disconnect this reallity of tolerance?

I mean what are the limits of tolerance?

Could a tradition or culture be against tolerance?
can multi-leveled types of tolerance co-exhist in the same world?

(its not something like going to doctor and get a prescription saying
that "sorry i'm afraid u have intolerance.
u've got to take two doses of tolerance every day, before and after
meetings... additionaly ....well you can say the F ... word once in a while,
specially if you look to your country and their governers keep lying"
Thanks doctor, i thought that it was gases........bye
F ... F... F...F...)


Max said...

Ciao G!

Well, well, well....I found this one very intriguing!
Tolerance...I have a huge amount of tolerance myself, since I have travelled a lot; and seen quite a few different cultures.
"(...) what are the limits of Tolerance?" - there shouldn't be limits for tolerance when it comes to cultural and religious values. Now, when it concerns behaviourial values, I think we can only be so tolerant. Behaviourial perversions cannot be tolerated, shouldn't be tolerated (pedophaelia, terrorism, rapists, murderers, robbers, etc...)!
With this being said, yes there can be several levels of tolerance types co-existing; however it may not coincide with our own tolerance type, non è vero? I am sure perverts tolerate each other very well; I don't tolerate them. I tolerate politicians pretty well; whereas you, obviously, don't lol. The examples are endless...

LOL LOL your intolerance towards politicians is going to drive you mad one of these days lol *nodding*.
I really enjoyed this one, I had never thought of it before: thanks!

Gosh, I loved the image...it reminds me of the moon, and the ancient people asking it for its help "these rulers are driving me nutts with their lies!" lol...


Aysa said...


Well, tolerance maybe not exactly but patience is a good thing!!...

I was just wondering would tolerance have meaning if all learnt it tward each other? I mean, then there would be no one making any behaviour, which tolerance is needed for !!

U made a good point, I liked it!

Max said...

Ciao G!

Os teus pensamentos valeram-te outro prémio!
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