Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Loved the smell of that cold morning
of October, where the red could be noticed
between the yellow, brown and green of that landscape.

There were some sharpen iced puddles in the way.
Smiled because i was alive.
Some kid cross my steps demanding me:

- STOP!!! otherwise you'll broke the ice under your foot;
- ..And?!-i asked him, without understanding is point.
-Well there's a plant that grows there, so i would like it to grow!
-But i'll have to continue in my way, i can't waste my time-i argued.
-Not this one...PLEASE; This one is special and is mine!

So i did step aside and move forward.... i look back from my shoulder

and realise that there were some older kids that breaking the iced puddle

without any contemplation for the other kid's request;

The next small puddle, that crossed to me, i broke it on purpose.....

The air was cold to get in the loungs the breeze almost freezed my nose

and some leaves were falling.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The passenger

-So, what do u think?
-I think you are here time enough to judge it by yourself.-answered the old woman.
-But my eyes are just a distraction for my truth. No one tought me how to see.-said the pilgrim
-And no one will, you'll just have to follow your own path. Sometimes truth can revealby multiple instances....dreams, desires, whishes..........and even distractions are, somehow, a mean to see ...to see widely.
-How will you distinguish truth from a distraction?-question the pilgrim.
-Well you can't in a present moment, but at somepoint you'll look backward, and then, the truth will be revealed by itself;
-Nothing its so easy as that.....So i'll just have to walk to see?-question the unvelieved pilgrim.
-Well you can make a stop here an then...
He smiled.
So the woman fairwelled him and watched his steps disappear in that moonless snow falling night.