Thursday, December 11, 2008

wisdom here i come...

Sometimes i walk the avenue and get surprised ,
the way i make myself surprised.
There's always something diferent, i.e. somehow the buildings
aren't so tall, the streets stretch, some stain appears in the wall,
a new direction sheet metal appears, the cat that sneaks the garbage isn't black,
the lady that pull the child off road, the kids that dont play outside arent there,
the smell of the first rain drops mixes cars C02, that under construction road still there,
there's no so much people in that fashion store, the TV volume at the BAR stills high,
the fireman main sirene cant be heard, i must climb up where i did climb down,
the traffic is so dense, red light green light, i had to run....
my muscles dont seem to follow me....

i wake up... must to work out.

Monday, December 8, 2008

the time

"i don't have the time"
"my time has gone"
"as time goes by"
"time after time"
these are like pursuiters of our life; this measure, this clock just doesn't stop;
And why in world would we like to stop the clock, " stop the world from spinning round".
there are lots of moments that we would like preserve for ever, or to visit it once in a while,
or even to remake it;
But somehow we have to hang in on, and simply remember, accept, prospect... to live!
such a surprise, today is complete financial crises, banks and companys bankrupcy, tomorrow everything will return to the same.... everyone is proclamed saint... politics, CEOs etc.
So there's always someone wining, in every possible time, that will rule soon or later.
But we know the behaviour is cyclic. With a bit of time we can go on history, to understand why
the power distribution is cyclic based and knowledge based;

At the end: time means nothing and everything, should we understand the true meaning during our lives.....if we ever get it...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


-Gesundheit- said a weak female voice that came from its back. -Got a cold, huh?

Thx. Usualy i dont get cold so easy. But to whom am i talking to?-said Mr P. - the moonlight is so intense...

-So you are talking now?!? ah ah. I am the Mother of The Night. My name is EVE.- so Eve continued.

-Ocasionally i let someone to recognise me, so i suppose you're a lucky one...

-I am cold and tired to travel, how can i be lucky?- he asked confused but laughing.

-Well your're still walking, and soon i leave you,.. so you can enter into my brother and sisters domain, i mean dawn, and morning...

-What, morning is your sister?...

-That are all details, my fellow traveler... the important thing here is to face the dawn as you've never did.

-But how can i find my path???? my true path? thats my important thing now!- continued Mr P confused.

- That, you'll have to ask, as soon as you get near my sisters....... but dont get to ancious.... see you around.

Another cold windy breeze blowned towards the snowed trees that sudendly got darker, a sudden night silence had begun then. Mr P had finally found a small rock cave where rested and sleeped as fast as that...

Monday, September 29, 2008


oh my planet, my earth, my nothing....
my questioning is always about the same....
is this the right path?
is there a right path?
..... so the traveler looked at the stars and wondered if there were
other tracks, because he thought he had walked so many, and always
came back at the same start point....
I've seen it all - he though while looking the sides with suspicion
- and yet i feel surprised every time i get to the start point....!
The cold black silent night surrrounded him with some nose freezing wind,
so he sneezed once more...
-Gesundheit- said a weak female voice that came from its back.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My way

Our usual selfish evolution....thats my message;
We keep all of our best to ourselves (does this makes any sense?)
Is it reasonable to think that we can't live together?
What is the point of having great and globalized comunities, if
we generaly live with our backs turned?
Can we ignore the fact, for instance, of poor african countrys being
used to deliver and consume cocain, in order to maintain untouchable
producers and indiferent european citizens???
If being a citizen is to be also part of a comunity in a global cenary,
our responsabilitys should global;
Can we give each other diferent reasons to encourage and motivate
our own global relationships.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The age of the wheel

A new age aproaches at speed light, a new wheel
has started its path;
I thought that our triggers were slighlty different;
Its really amazing that we fight every single day
to get things easy, but, instead, the results show
us a completely diferent pattern;
We have the hability to complicate everything, (and thats easy to do)
Our litle world is complex ruled by simple priciples;
I think theres a need to go complex in order to get it
simple, after.
So my question is: if we want to get simple, why do we must to waste
so much energy following a twisted path???
So nahive....