Tuesday, December 2, 2008


-Gesundheit- said a weak female voice that came from its back. -Got a cold, huh?

Thx. Usualy i dont get cold so easy. But to whom am i talking to?-said Mr P. - the moonlight is so intense...

-So you are talking now?!? ah ah. I am the Mother of The Night. My name is EVE.- so Eve continued.

-Ocasionally i let someone to recognise me, so i suppose you're a lucky one...

-I am cold and tired to travel, how can i be lucky?- he asked confused but laughing.

-Well your're still walking, and soon i leave you,.. so you can enter into my brother and sisters domain, i mean dawn, and morning...

-What,...er.... morning is your sister?...

-That are all details, my fellow traveler... the important thing here is to face the dawn as you've never did.

-But how can i find my path???? my true path? thats my important thing now!- continued Mr P confused.

- That, you'll have to ask, as soon as you get near my sisters....... but dont get to ancious.... see you around.

Another cold windy breeze blowned towards the snowed trees that sudendly got darker, a sudden night silence had begun then. Mr P had finally found a small rock cave where rested and sleeped as fast as that...

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Max said...

Hi G!

Wow, I am becoming a fan of your short-stories! They are deep and mysterious - I love them!

Keep it up!