Monday, December 8, 2008

the time

"i don't have the time"
"my time has gone"
"as time goes by"
"time after time"
these are like pursuiters of our life; this measure, this clock just doesn't stop;
And why in world would we like to stop the clock, " stop the world from spinning round".
there are lots of moments that we would like preserve for ever, or to visit it once in a while,
or even to remake it;
But somehow we have to hang in on, and simply remember, accept, prospect... to live!
such a surprise, today is complete financial crises, banks and companys bankrupcy, tomorrow everything will return to the same.... everyone is proclamed saint... politics, CEOs etc.
So there's always someone wining, in every possible time, that will rule soon or later.
But we know the behaviour is cyclic. With a bit of time we can go on history, to understand why
the power distribution is cyclic based and knowledge based;

At the end: time means nothing and everything, should we understand the true meaning during our lives.....if we ever get it...

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Max said...

Hey G!

It is good to see your back on blogging :)!

Ha, so true...é uma tristeza, mas é bem verdade!
Today we get shocked at things that have already happened a long time ago (not once, but twice or even thrice) - what we should be shocked at is the fact that we have learnt nothing from history, and we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again!

Time means nothing indeed, because despite time behaviours remain the same...

If you don't post before the festivities: Greetings of the Season :D!