Thursday, December 11, 2008

wisdom here i come...

Sometimes i walk the avenue and get surprised ,
the way i make myself surprised.
There's always something diferent, i.e. somehow the buildings
aren't so tall, the streets stretch, some stain appears in the wall,
a new direction sheet metal appears, the cat that sneaks the garbage isn't black,
the lady that pull the child off road, the kids that dont play outside arent there,
the smell of the first rain drops mixes cars C02, that under construction road still there,
there's no so much people in that fashion store, the TV volume at the BAR stills high,
the fireman main sirene cant be heard, i must climb up where i did climb down,
the traffic is so dense, red light green light, i had to run....
my muscles dont seem to follow me....

i wake up... must to work out.

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Max said...

Ciao G!

Wow...what a dream! Sometimes, I too have this kind of dreams (with cities of my own)...

I loved the detail of "the smell of the first rain drops mixes cars CO2" LOL fantastic. It reminded me that nowadays we can't even enjoy a few rain drops on our face and hair, without thinking "Damn, this acid rain will ruin my skin...!"...there went the pleasure in simple things!

So you need to work out, eh? LOL...

Anyway, Gallardo, I have some news for you: as of the 1st of January, MAX will no longer have translations in Portuguese, for the Lusophonic texts will have a place of their own: Etnias (
If you feel like reading in Portuguese, that is the place to go :)!

Have a great rest of the week!