Monday, April 6, 2009

Hands full of nothing

So this is it.
Perhaps we've have seen it all. But there's a lot to come, when we think that everithing's has already happen... no sir/madam... there's a lot to come. I wonder if we could create an imaginary world where peace rules, politics are honest, values were the core of the citizens. Would it be so boring as it seems?!? I think that all that we are into is due to our lack of commitement with overall society. As evultionary beings, we simply (at this stage) don't want to commit with nothing. There should be some citizen responsabilitys much behound the right to vote, that would compel us to get to some other kind of balance. As i look at it, i cant see any trend to balance. So we trust our politicians since they aquire the right of everything from the time we gave them that power. So let them fool us, we don't care, this a joke or prank?! What do we care after all....hope at least about the next generations

(dont let them fool you....oh no!)