Monday, August 31, 2009

The right thing - (update)

Some days ago I gave for me thinking what would be the right thing to do in a crisis time if i was a politician.

It is very true that our society values are based on economy. (is there another way to "make the world go round"?)

Another issue is the question who commands/rules who?
The first thing I would do, would be analysing the causes and take preventive measures so i could stop or at least slow down the spreading speed of an usual crisis. So my efforts would be directioned into the cause;

(imagine that cause is economy, 
because lack of foreing investment and poor company liquidity,
because countrys are getting or actually are uneficient and unproductive and we have taugt citizens to live over their finantial capacities and bancks havent analysed risc as they should,
because theres lack of knowledge and strategy, and systems national and international regulation dont act as they supposed to
because prioritys are deviated and the big bucks speack louder and in general there are no penaltys.
because society evolution)

so what would be my actions? would i have the nerve to change society evolution?

-better education could be a part of the solution (how many years would it take....???)
-how to change people values? is it possible to change people values in the same society?
would it be needed to change all world societys?

Who commands who?- well, our society commanders live with frauds, conspiracys and take advantages of everythings with higher ROI.

So please bring back my sweet uthopic society based on love, justice/fairness, work, teamwork, merit etc etc

So to my billions of readers.... dream on...!


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

If I were a politician I would stop focusing on elections so much and actually get some work done, so that when crises would arrive (because they are cyclical) the nation I'd be administrating would not suffer so much (ex: Israel and Chile).

Who commands who? This is a good question...and I must think about it before offering an answer (but I hope you can come up with one too) ;)...

I can't wait to see the unfinished product! :D


Max Coutinho said...

Excellent update!! :D