Thursday, November 12, 2009

About nothing

Everything turns arround something and nothing.We are always looking for something and when we get it, somehow it could turn to nothing.
(and most of the times it does)

We live (at least most of the so called developed societys) for self pleasure things that really dont mean anything. We can dissimulate, try to believe, but our existence is based on what (gefelt uns gut) we think it will give us a moment of tranquility in our "search". Anyway, we've came to a point of no return, where everything must be absorved in a minute, and at the we get miserable with that. Suposing that no one stays here for ever.... emphasize should be given to relations, and pure exchange of experiences, in a balanced environment in this brief journey where we are. 

I guess most of the persons don't give a shit for that....and that could be accepted as normal, because after all we should be free to decide what we really do value. 

Nowadays societys seem more a curse than everything.

SO FREEDOM!!!! (i'm free to do i want....)


Maria José said...

Amigo. Tudo aquilo que dá prazer momentâneo acaba. É como a paixão. Vem forte e acaba de um minuto pro outro. Obrigada por suas palavras em meu blog, que só o enriqueceram. Grande abraço.

Efigênia Coutinho said...

Adorei este espaço,
Efigênia Coutinho