Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I don't know why, but we are getting colder than ever anyway, i can assume some of my personal opinions, in order to discuss it for the moment i'll only post a single one.

1- the tone and goal of our discussions
in most of the cases in such comunication, mainly there are two sides and that two sides push other to that only same sides. (e.g. copehangen)
Usually both partys are irreducible to their point of view and no concense is possible. Our society and education is directioned (as basics) to emphasize the strongest, and in the limit if the cleavage is to strong then we go to war and fight.

Lets put it in our lives. Which one of us have never had a fight? And could you most of the times define it as balanced? i suppose not. At the end someone "gets the cup" and the sense of win-loss is instaled.
So could we ever evolute in to the direction of win-win discussions? 
Could we just be satisfied with our animal nature? Could we ever consider be educated to get balanced solutions?

   Atoms combine in order to get balanced (at least energetically), why can't we?