Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just "Milestoning"

Sorry to my blog billions of readers. In fact i haven't found any deep event that really got my attention...and also lack of time... So what has just happend in between? Well so much and nothing at the same time. World economys are more interdependent than ever . Money, money money makes the world go round ...this is so true, ancient and even out of style. I can't understand people behaviour. Lets take consumption as one of the adaptative, metamorphic evolutive ways to get self statisfaction. For instance this christmas some of the poorest countrys in UE have raised the volume of movements done in ATM (some aprox more 50 M€ than in 2009 - from 700 to 750 M€) , unemployment raised , bankrupcys raised.... eventhough there's money enough to get an average of 70€/ person in a 10 million people country. Thats unbelieveble! Credit, loans, rents (CLR) are the latest persons adiction..... can this be diagnosed some day as a desease ???

At the doctor:
DOC "-I'm sorry sir, i think you suffer from the contagious CLR"
PACIENT "- Me ? not me, i just have my car, house, dvd, hollidays and .............. (silence) .........Does it have a cure?"
DOC"-Well i would advise a trip to Mars, or any other born society, otherwise this will grow up indefinetly"
Be aware. Take your vaccines.
"Hey big spender...."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wonderfull.... market economy prooved to run world states; Finally i understand that nations and nowdays leaders are weak facing the power of markets institution; (oh, we are so human!) But who runs the market? Do you run market, do i run market, does societys rule market? In order to understand better this issue, i've searched for info about nations who haven't suffered yet by "global economy crisis".
Maybe the BRIC haven't, but they are generaly assimetric as a society, and their internal economy gives them sustainability to keep them on the way.
In the worst case scenario there's war to come, in the most optimistic scenario w'ill have 8 years of pain, sacrifice. (less consumption.... which is not bad for human beeing as an athomic unit since is lacking values...i suppose).
In the evolutive process there are basic things to survive such as an adaptative profile wich means accept or tranform your/ someonelse behaviour accordingly to the surrounding environment; else you can be institutionaly excluded. So where do we/I stand? I can't accept the fact of corruption be generaly accepted and practiced as an usual way to move economy.
How to finish or diminish it? How can values be transmitted if educated people are also corruptors? Another music to end this post:
"I can get no satisfaction...." - Rolling Stones

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I wonder if nations one day could join efforts, for everyones sake, in order to get comon results.
Maybe its uthopic, maybe its asking too much....

We are driven by MARKETS and STOCK MARKETS????? come on! what is this? is there no respect for nothing?

I've seen in TV somewhere in Peru Amazonia, that a population (aprox 20 000 pp) there, is sustainable, live aside regular society and don't pay taxes hence probably it is free!
Of course there's lack of what we would consider the essential means and goods, and for myself i couldn't be there forever and doubt for more than 2 weeks.

But couldn't exist a balanced society, less egocentric, less speculative, less so many things????

i'm sad and tired!

we are prisioners of ourselves;
as an hope message, like in foofighters rock music band says " it is times like this we learn to live again".

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What keep us moving

I was wondering what are the main issues that impell us going ahead and towards what...
-power (control and decide, domination)
-pleasure (sex.... sensitive emotions (touch, ear, see, smell, taste, perception)
-money ( exchange, to buy, buy and buy)
could these, make civilizations fall, even implode? By history many societys have fall and raise based on essencially on a mix of such described points.
No tiranic, no oligarchic, theocratic, not even democratic societys have last forever; So how long could we expect that our societys ("western " ones) last? Babylons, Greeks, Lacedemonees, Romans, Egiptians, Maya with such a "balanced vision" haven't been hable to sustain their own people, invaders etc.
So my point is, since we are living in a such a speed of light, i expect that our societys, the way they are established, be conducted to an end (for instance a multinational company could buy a country because of its debt? could a country finance another and receive that territory as payment of a debt?)
We are movers...so we keep moving!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Portuguese: a tremendous heritage

Não há dúvida sobre a importância da comnicação ;Embora os nossos computadores sejam mais rápidos e os softwares sejam mais eficientes do que nunca, não poderemos nunca sobrestimar o poder de uma língua, não só enquanto informação objetiva, mas também enquanto percepção emocional; Como eu dizia anteriormente, um computador pode de facto fazer este "trabalho" por nós (tradutores e leitores digitais) mas naturalmente sem o mesmo resultado; Eu admiro-me que 204 milhões de almas falem a mesma língua e que provavelmente consigam transmitir as mesmas emoções pela sua língua que é a 6ª língua mais falada no mundo; Mas enquanto língua estrangeira estamos longe do francês e inglês; Naturalmente que o Brasil tem aqui um papel decisivo do futuro da mesma! (94% da população mundial que fala português é do Brasil!) As equipes multidisciplinares (cultural, o esporte, cientifico, o negócio, ong etc.) devem estar coordenadas para estender e realçar esta herança. Quanto à beleza da própria língua (a pergunta seria: a minha língua é sexy?), bem penso que sempre dependerá do emissor da mensagem, do seu tom, variáveis ligadas e que referencias emocionais temos de tal língua. Portanto eu poderia ouvir uma lingua como o Farsi/Persian e gostar.Independentemente de tudo, isto será como o consumo: quanto mais compramos de um determinado país, mais obrigados seremos a absorver a sua cultura e inevitavelmente a sua lingua.
There's no doubt about the importance of comunication;
Although our computers are faster and software aplications are more eficient than never
one can never understimate the power of a language, in order to get not only objective
information, but also emotional perception; As i was saying before a computer can actually
do this job for us (translators and digital readers) but of course we can't get the same result;
I was wondering that 204 Million souls speak the same language and most likely that can transmit same emotions through their language as the 6th spoken language in ther world;
But as a foreing language we are far away from French and English; Of course Brasil
has here a tremendous role for the future! Multidisciplinary teams (cultural, sport, cientific, business, ong etc) should be arranged in order to spread and enhance this heritage.
As for the beauty of the language itself (the question would be is my language sexy?) , well i think it will always depend on the messenger tone and all the variables linked to, what emotive references do we have from it. So i could hear Farsi/Persian and like it anyway. Nevertheless this is like consumption: the more we buy from a certain country, more andatory will be its cultural influence hence its invitable language.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy new terrestrial year for everyone!
I was about going to sleep, when, after some web crawling (news actually)
i gave myself thinking why do evolute always towards self satisfaction and need/desire (basic instincts...). Biologically, technologically either (..)etc. we've always got our evolution balance through that terms. Its fair also to consider that if we did evolute in such terms, so did our emotions too. But what about our reason?? Does our reason evolute in the same pace? Could we afirm that our decisions are reasonable taken regardless our primary needs? My opinion is a straight "No"... The facts are known for everyone, we are always trying to get the easiest solution, to use less energy (to be lazy, in the limit : ) ) But the easieast solutions are always surrounded by unexpected, unpredictacle, dangerous variables which we can't control. Human societys always generated their own solutions (needs) and problems (most of the times free of charge). Nowadays, more then ever, seems that our needs are completely moved by emotion, in such a spiral way, where Ego is a supermassive exponential center, and rotates fast and unstable. Lets take some of examples of incongruity....
-men can save lives through science, science can produce bombs to take lives.
-men can create laws to ensure security, laws can take freedom away
-men creates vaccines to avoid deseases to spread, men creates deseases to justify vaccines.
-people can reduce their fat by medical cirurgy, this same intervention can be potencial unsafe
-people reach faster ( instatly) to information, information is manipulated by govs and corporations.
-people crawl the web much more, personal contact is less needed
-men relations and family concept is modifying (stress, gay coupling) hence less new born people on super cities...
and so on....

be happy!