Thursday, January 28, 2010

What keep us moving

I was wondering what are the main issues that impell us going ahead and towards what...
-power (control and decide, domination)
-pleasure (sex.... sensitive emotions (touch, ear, see, smell, taste, perception)
-money ( exchange, to buy, buy and buy)
could these, make civilizations fall, even implode? By history many societys have fall and raise based on essencially on a mix of such described points.
No tiranic, no oligarchic, theocratic, not even democratic societys have last forever; So how long could we expect that our societys ("western " ones) last? Babylons, Greeks, Lacedemonees, Romans, Egiptians, Maya with such a "balanced vision" haven't been hable to sustain their own people, invaders etc.
So my point is, since we are living in a such a speed of light, i expect that our societys, the way they are established, be conducted to an end (for instance a multinational company could buy a country because of its debt? could a country finance another and receive that territory as payment of a debt?)
We are we keep moving!


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

Loved this post!

Yes, the thirst of power, sex and money can bring countries down (look at African nations). And by the way things are going, one of these days Western countries will go down as well if they do not shape up.

What I loved about this text was the thought that corporations might buy nations' debt (in some cases this already happens) and thus "own" a country; and that a nation might receive, as repayment of a debt, a territory (I could see this happening in cases when nations do not pay their loans and interest - can you imagine how many African nations the West could own again? As you can see I do not agree with pardoning debts).



Efigênia Coutinho said...

GALLARDO, oi menino, estava saudosa deste seu recanto, estive ausente pelo batizado da netinha e depois minha vinda para New York, está cidade que nunca dorme,
passa na minha casinha,tem poema novo,
Efigênia Coutinho