Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is incredible and really unbelieveble, how european union isn't hable to ennance its major key points, and with it reinforce its leaders/ leadership and hence its own people. My point of view is that european union as forgoten its name: "union" , and there are no unreplaceble persons that could make the difference from the rest of the world. There's no doubt that Germany plays a key role in whole scenario and how Europe will develop its own political agenda, but Europe isn't Germany. Europe is a gathering of multiplicities as society, culture, inovation & d, unfortunetly lack of values (egocentrism mainly) its an worldwide side effect, wich everyone takes part of. Anyway, my point is that Europe will not stand and last, if doesn't change its global strategic policy, so the only way i see it will be the Federal regime constitution or will have cyclicly the same problems knocking on the door. How to make a general concensus around euro crisis ?strong leadership with an epic strategic view (someone should have the guts) would definetly be a turnkey to move forward and fast otherwise its will be always dry wood measures to increase the fire.

Friday, September 9, 2011

En verdad

En verdad el mundo se queda siempre mas pequeño, pero al mismo tiempo mas distante y porque?
son tantas las barreras que hicimos y todavia es mucho mejor vivir sin ellas. qual es el desarrollo que intentamos? Nos hemos quedado en el tiempo de los primeros "FILIPES"? es decir, hagaremos todo por interes? A las veces me pongo a pensar si las estupidez humana iba a confrontarse al espejo decindo: "te conozco, pero, no me gustas nada!"....

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Passenger V


The time crossed as gently as it could, down that rocky landscape, where the Night just let our traveler sleep. His dreams were driven by and between stormy and tumultuous events, mountains to climb, rivers to pass, and rain, lots of it, here and then a glance of sun ray, his body lied down like if it was part of the earth, restless, fighting against the Dawn that soon whispered Night to leave. And so it did. “Come out and play” – echoed a voice in that cave. At first he thought that his dreams were becoming reality, as the voice sounded clearer, he thought not wake up, “what for, what’s outside waiting for? Is it worth? maybe there are some other dreams that I should wait for.” But the voice continued and was impossible to ignore so much echoes , so he opened his eyes and looked the small hole at the very beginning of the cave…. there was a bright white light coming, impossible to notice any silhouette, so he shouted confused “Who’s there, what do you want from me?”

The Passenger V

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Right Fight

Hello world in every corner.
Suddenly and appearently there's a "new" fight europe/world order.
Lets take the last months short facts:
-BRIC supremacy
-Markets (down - sailing accordingly the winds );
-(sillent) Riots;
-Euro confusion and leadership weakness;
-Unemployment (youth they say... production or manufacturing out of ocidental countries);
In fact, a new mind revolution must and actually is taking place, the existing models weared out.
Which is the best or optimized solution? (shurely there are no magic wands);
Will we develop towards ancient solutions (dark ages???); are methaforically makerts the new barbarians? Are there some new concepts about what governance should be? IS someone addopting new measures to prevent a global underdevelopment? Do citizens really have power enough to decide governance models?
Since we went GLOBAL there are more risks and this jungle promises to be tougher through times; New aliances are about to come, some values should be taken; It is time!
"we're never gonna surbive unless we get a litle crazy" - SEAL

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ich finde mich seher gut, weil mein Land ist wichtig und wächst ! (entschuldigung mein Deutsh ist schlecht)

I wonder if its a worldwide
feeling or if is just my perception....does cynicism came here to stay?
Is this the ultimate pattern compolsory to live from? So tired and angry of the architected patterns that subtly are imposed;
So this is last democracy reductum... the freedom to dictate.
Is imagination lost for most, is there no new concept of living and "make things real work"- economy etc etc? Come on ! The good news are that iRenaissance must be near... Well, at least i'm trying to make things different, and feel great about it! (watch out for the newspapers tv etc they're mind inceptors. eh eh : )

nat king cole - fly me to the moon

(now i'll take my drugs....just in case)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

O dia - The day

Somewhere in the 80's - South Europe
I remember the days being a hard pain to get over during elementary school, waiting for the interval ( recreational ) and go for to play with friends; Classes were semi harsh under the watchful eye of a professorship almost indifferent ( I say almost , because we had teachers more severe or more indifferent than other ) whose pedagogy was discriminatory for the weak. Saw some fellow hungry , tired with problems at home ( and difficult problems ) and for some reason could not learn .... and moreover had to reach out to the harsh rule (method at the time to teach ... a thick wood ruler beaten several times in the hands when for somehow you didnt know an answer or were distracted)  ...anyway,  I pitied them .
One of these passages , and difficult problems , i have recorded like this : well , I remember one colleague who along with his brothers and mother were beaten up and expelt from their home, which for a drunk moment their father would be recurrently experiencing . They were living under an awning ( plastic cover ) with a mattress that could be ssen from the school; was cold that day and my mother ( great woman ) did what it was usual  to her....to give a hand . She called them to our house , gave them clothes and fed them between the crying and embarrassed eyes of the young children , I looked and saw suspicious my classmate drinking the warm milk from my mug , which stupidly at that time I caused a lot of confusion ... I did not understand .

Decada de 80 - Sul da Europa
lembro o dia de ser uma verdadeira seca o passar do tempo na escola primária a aguardar que chegasse a hora do intervalo (recreio) e ir para uma brincadeira qualquer; As aulas eram semi rispidas sob o olhar atento de um professorado quase indiferente (eu digo quase, porque haviam professore/as mais severos ou mais indiferentes) cuja pedagogia era discriminatória para com os fracos. via alguns colegas com fome, cansados com problemas em casa (problemas bem dificeis) e que por algum motivo não conseguiam aprender .... e ainda por cima tinham de estender a mão à dura régua ... eu tinha pena deles.
Uma das passagens desses, problemas bem difíceis, ficou-me gravada: assim, recordo-me uma colega que juntamente com os irmãos e mãe foram espancados e expulsos de casa, que por um momento ébrio que aquele que dizia ser pai ia recorrentemente experimentando. Ficaram a viver debaixo de um toldo (capa de plastico) com um colchão que se via da escola; Estava frio nesse dia e a minha mãe (grande mulher) fez o que era habitual dela dar a mão. Chamou-os lá a casa, deu-lhes roupa e alimentou-os entre o choro e os olhos envergonhados dos mais pequenos; Eu olhava e via desconfiado a minha colega de escola a beber o leite quente da minha caneca, o que estupidamente naquela altura me causou muita confusão... eu não entendia.

há dias assim - Radio Macau

Thursday, January 27, 2011

under pressure question

phisically we are with 1 atm pressure, is this too much?
do people take and accept willingly all the oversized rush we're liven into?
does action needs a reaction? IF we consider pressure a trigger / action would there be an ignition/ reaction? Can societys live realy forever with a inccreasing state of pressure?
What would be the relief to reset the overcoming pressure?

Queen - under pressure

Thursday, January 13, 2011


in the future there will be no pens...everyone will write in iSomething and other;
our cars will work by renovable energy; phones will be skin implanted, and so our IDs;
we'll be hable to comunicate without any physical support (i.e. pc or phone), we will have a universal standard language, people can be bought, nations, societys, societys (as i said before) can be directly ruled by Corps.; one's problems will affect faster and more people in every dimension or cause;

in the future people will true smile less.