Thursday, January 27, 2011

under pressure question

phisically we are with 1 atm pressure, is this too much?
do people take and accept willingly all the oversized rush we're liven into?
does action needs a reaction? IF we consider pressure a trigger / action would there be an ignition/ reaction? Can societys live realy forever with a inccreasing state of pressure?
What would be the relief to reset the overcoming pressure?

Queen - under pressure

Thursday, January 13, 2011


in the future there will be no pens...everyone will write in iSomething and other;
our cars will work by renovable energy; phones will be skin implanted, and so our IDs;
we'll be hable to comunicate without any physical support (i.e. pc or phone), we will have a universal standard language, people can be bought, nations, societys, societys (as i said before) can be directly ruled by Corps.; one's problems will affect faster and more people in every dimension or cause;

in the future people will true smile less.