Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ich finde mich seher gut, weil mein Land ist wichtig und wächst ! (entschuldigung mein Deutsh ist schlecht)

I wonder if its a worldwide
feeling or if is just my perception....does cynicism came here to stay?
Is this the ultimate pattern compolsory to live from? So tired and angry of the architected patterns that subtly are imposed;
So this is last democracy reductum... the freedom to dictate.
Is imagination lost for most, is there no new concept of living and "make things real work"- economy etc etc? Come on ! The good news are that iRenaissance must be near... Well, at least i'm trying to make things different, and feel great about it! (watch out for the newspapers tv etc they're mind inceptors. eh eh : )

nat king cole - fly me to the moon

(now i'll take my drugs....just in case)