Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ich finde mich seher gut, weil mein Land ist wichtig und wächst ! (entschuldigung mein Deutsh ist schlecht)

I wonder if its a worldwide
feeling or if is just my perception....does cynicism came here to stay?
Is this the ultimate pattern compolsory to live from? So tired and angry of the architected patterns that subtly are imposed;
So this is last democracy reductum... the freedom to dictate.
Is imagination lost for most, is there no new concept of living and "make things real work"- economy etc etc? Come on ! The good news are that iRenaissance must be near... Well, at least i'm trying to make things different, and feel great about it! (watch out for the newspapers tv etc they're mind inceptors. eh eh : )

nat king cole - fly me to the moon

(now i'll take my drugs....just in case)


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

I will be back to read and comment upon this awesome post, but for now I would like to let you know that the post you have requested is up (Comment: Portrait of a Woman) and the counter-part of Machismo is Marianismo....go figure...


Marsy said...

I like how Africa looks like a slice of pizza :)

Max Coutinho said...

Hallo Gallardo!

Dein Deutsch ist okay; mindestens es ist besser als meiner.

Indeed, cynicism seems to dwell here for a while.
LOL I ask myself the same question after seeing commentators from around the world saying exactly the same things; offering exactly the same's sad, man. Why do people go to school: to copy each other? I feel disappointed because I think the world needs new viewpoints and new ways of doing things. The old is obsolete, most definitely!

I agree with you that we are about to witness a Renaissance period.

I absolutely loved this post: herzlichen glückwunsch!


GALLARDO said...

Hey Marsy
very flattered for your comment! eh eh eh.
never thought of it as pizza...but it makes sense as: everyone wants to take a slice of it.

thx for cross by!
All the best

GALLARDO said...

Hey Max
why do people go to school... thats shurely for stats nowdays...otherwise unemployment rate wouldn't be so high.
I had a teacher that made us writte pappers (cd with processed text delivered) so he could compile them in order to edit some books... so he's a usual PHD i guess.

thx for your comment!
all the best