Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Right Fight

Hello world in every corner.
Suddenly and appearently there's a "new" fight europe/world order.
Lets take the last months short facts:
-BRIC supremacy
-Markets (down - sailing accordingly the winds );
-(sillent) Riots;
-Euro confusion and leadership weakness;
-Unemployment (youth they say... production or manufacturing out of ocidental countries);
In fact, a new mind revolution must and actually is taking place, the existing models weared out.
Which is the best or optimized solution? (shurely there are no magic wands);
Will we develop towards ancient solutions (dark ages???); are methaforically makerts the new barbarians? Are there some new concepts about what governance should be? IS someone addopting new measures to prevent a global underdevelopment? Do citizens really have power enough to decide governance models?
Since we went GLOBAL there are more risks and this jungle promises to be tougher through times; New aliances are about to come, some values should be taken; It is time!
"we're never gonna surbive unless we get a litle crazy" - SEAL

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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

Yes, the world has been turning and turning, coliding and eventually lead to a new world order. It has been expected (some used to call it the advent of the Aquarian [or something like that] Era; others the advent of the Messiah and others the advent of the Second Coming...take a pick. Despite the name you call it, they all mean the same: Change, Construction of the New).

We are crazy and thus we will survive :D.