Saturday, March 24, 2012


Nevertheless, convinced of the sound, he took a good look outside and almost desperad searching for a soul in that dark blue and cold night, slashed by the white ray light. I'm here - a voice emerged - you can't see me...
-Who are you? - asked the passenger with a kind of fear unveiled by his green eyes...
-I'm just a ray of and then I appear, here and then i wait, here and then i fear, here and then.., here and then.., where were you last night? I've been here, didn't saw you, didn't felt your fear. Here and then i wait, here and then i 'm a tear .
Sometimes I whisper sometimes I shout, Sometimes i heal your blister, sometimes can't figure what is this all about. I'm just a ray of light...sometimes i travel in someoneleses fight.... i'm just a ray of light.
The passenger noticed the thin ray everywhere after all, so he came outside with caution, but willingly surprised, it was cold for a minute, then it stood warm, and the passenger smiled to the ray of light. He said - Please hold on, i'll pack my stuff, and meet you here again, ok? Is just a second.
As fast as he could he grabed his things and went outside again.
The ray of light was gone. It was cold again. The passenger stood looking the horizon, nothing could be heard.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Gallardo,

Wow: a small tale yet a powerful one. I loved it!
I don't know what was the intention behind it but my mystical eyes see/read this story with a lot of symbolism. The Passenger can have so many meanings as well as the ray of light...but one thing came to my mind though: when he went outside to look for the light, I remembered something that Africans teach their kids "never go outside when you see a flash of light passing through" cause it may mean witchcraft...

Brilliant, G! Complimenti!!