Saturday, December 28, 2013


In this season there are lots of people travelling around the world, usually for celebrations, gatherings, or new work opportunities;  In my opinion home is a concept for your comfort place, whether its tangible or not. Wherever you geographically are, your thoughts will be and remain with you (at least up to the moment :) ). Sometimes you feel the need to share this same thoughts to anyone, some other just to your closest ones; maybe also you need to change paradigms, and look for what your were, if that makes you happy, or to get back to your roots whether if they are materialized near a group of persons (family or not) or enjoying the silence and your thoughts. Its some sort of personal reengineering where you get your own machine more efficient in that such  NTP (ptn) conditions...  (remembered Sheryl Crow with " if it makes you happy..." and Depeche Mode "enjoy the silence" ).

Friday, December 27, 2013


Much has been said and written about digital info and data content share and its use. Nowadays we are most closely to a big and worldwide reality show. Everyone is using major data, seeing his target profit. No naive thought about this issue, is just the way is all being addressed by the big players. Is general population nothing more than just mere sitting ducks? Is all taken to the point where the matter is how much you worth by your collected data? Of course information as a price, but what i am talking about is the way and means this same information is collected and finally used. Can you name now a step in your life where data collection isn't done? I can't.  Lets take a very small example. You go to work, take your car, stop in a gas station, and there you are in a screen controlled by someone (of course for security reasons); But the real doubts start precisely after the image being processed/recorded and archived. The image can collect your behaviour for a certain socio study easily transformed in the stats useful to be sold (of course without your permission) for any marketing company, gov etc. In  the way to work you have to pass in tolls (peáge) imagine that your car plate is being checked each time a car passes the toll, what represents the amount of info collected from the drivers: where they go, at each time of the day etc etc who would benefit with such info..... and goes on..... and i didn't mention yet anything about cellular phones, or computers, net..... So what to do ... well, our own info must be worth something for someone .... and i would like to collect my bucks ......!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Once there was this young boy, that lived here and there, most about in social institutions of a big city, but it actually liked to be outside watching traffic jams, counting cars, figure people behaviour,  watching neon lights, big wall advertisements, hanging out with its palls, making some pranks or bullying at school.
Very soon his round big green eyes allowed him to become aware of the surroundings, but hated the winter season, because he was always looking to find new ways to get warmer, but his skinny type body wouldn´t permit such comfort with so much lack of clothing, so he thought to be in constant move, which meant always in some kind of trouble. Most of the times his actions were based on self amusement i.e. "just for fun";
In snowing days, when he skipped to classes, he liked to be at the park climbing some of the not so small trees, throwing some "snow gifts" (so he called) to the crossing by foreigners (yes, he and the gang had a code for that: throwing snow balls to locals was forbidden, unless of..... having done it...).
It happened that one of the days, some old lady has crossed they're sightview, the same old lady that they're used to know when passing under her window behind some translucent white lace curtain.
The sun was fading away and the silence of the park was interrupted time to time by some cold breeze and some people jogging.  With all their weaponry set and ready to "fire", they've waited the right moment to strike, and unlikely, because of their code, one of them thought and murmured that the end of the day was somehow near and probably that was their best chance to get a fine target, but the young boy tried to refrain them, up to the moment that one of the other sent is snow gift to the poor lady. She was wearing a wood cap, dark scarf over a long light jacket, hardly handling two plastic bags , when she fell on the floor triggered by the gang hit, so she dropped the bags spilling every thing of the content, while prostrated in the snow floor, hoarsely, called for help. Silenced in the trees, the youngsters remained freezed, not only by the dropping temperatures, but also for the situation itself, when suddenly noticed two persons that seemed to go on rescue but unlikely they intercepted the old lady grabbing her with violence and demanding  her money ... the kids couldn't believe what they're watching, so two of them jumped of the tree and ran away, the young boy stood alone and with a mix of controversial feelings, started to yell as throwing some more snow balls at the two men; With that kid intromission and noise the men runned from there and got away, leaving the old lady frozen, crying , no one more came for help despite the so much fuss. The young boy jumped of the tree, and nervously walked towards the lady and arriving asked if she was ok? Visibly scared she urged to instantly cower herself ; The told her to not be afraid so the bad were gone, and he was there now and would help her; And so he did. First he helped her to seat, and cleaned  some of the snow in her hands face and clothing; eventually, his smile made her feel more calm and yet with difficult breathing she murmured a thanks for his action. After the young boy insistence, she accepted his help to raise up and and walker at home. During his walk, was just thinking how the hell he put himself in that situation and how would leave it; there was no way back, he felt guilty as never before and didn't understand why, watching behind his back he saw his two friends peeking.
Finally they got to the old lady's home, an old mansion in middle of the big city; She have invited him for a cup of tea since it was cold and would like to thank him for his gesture; After some long hesitation he entered that big door, and after he slammed the door a grey cat appeared from the long dark and tall corridor; He took of his sort of wrecked gloves. He was invited to go to the main room where there was already a generous fireplace and a big couch and dozens of books. She served the tea in a small table near the couch and the brown wood seats, where the boy waited. He was just amazed with  size of the house with paintings and the books and written papers, spreaded all over.
While pouring the mint tea, she commented that she used to see him crossing her window for some time and like to hear the gangs laughs, which were very inspiring for her ideas, so he concluded that she were a writer.
He asked if she would write about that park episode, at what she observed with some perhaps but had not yet decided what the subject be... if it was about some crooks that tried to steal her or about a skinny boy and his gang that attacked her with snow balls and after regrets and guilts help and old lady and after that modified his all life, helping others and especially that old lady that would be pleased to help him and educated till his manhood or until he fed up with it and follow his own path.
The young boy cried at the old lady arms hopping that the guilt just fade, the only ones that seemed to ever transmit some affection up to the moment. He promised to stick with her ever. And he did. The years crossed fast as the universe laws permitted and the boy became a fine adult business man, keeping the old lady promise, the same old lady that had already left the world the mansion the crying boy, but raised a fine person and changed the world, their world. Now was his time too, to change anyone else's world. And so he did.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

May this season bring everyone more bright thoughts and that such thoughts are translated in good for all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


In the days that "everything counts in large amounts", what a nice prize for a word of the year "SELFIE"; I thought that human ego couldn't grow more... but how far I was/ am of the truth; I suppose that human ego is directly proportional to universe expansion within its own entropic behaviour. To me SELFIE represents the peak of our own isolation driven by technological evolution but at the same time a call for exacerbated attention. The "I" has made an hostile take over of the "We", and human kind seems to be in line with that. So what are the main concerns here? Does society rings a bell? Well a "new" society trend would be.... individual networking society, where everyone follow its own path but has to link somehow to others even if they don't mean nothing as a real physical connection. Some would say "what for"? Answer: Balance. Balanced societies scarce and individualism took place as never before... selfie is one more definition of it. Did this has something to do with Obama et al? Sure, It just gave me the topic for this post... :)

Friday, December 6, 2013


In these days where raw models are lacking or scarce, one more has left this earth. Most of the newspapers refer to Mandela as being dead, but actually it is my opinion that should be written that he lives. He lives in his spirit, testimony of humbleness, fight for freedom, union, sense of mission and commitment for peace, hence a messenger in his journey in a troubled society and world;  Can you name at the present moment another living example of a person that fought for freedom and union of persons? Personally I hardly can't.
Much things are being said, so i'll try to stick to my own perception of MADIBA (Nelson Mandela). First real impression that I've had was during his release back in 1990. I thought "what kind of a person stays arrested for its true cause for so many time?". An idealist and inspired person would do that (i now say). So many persons (leaders with society and world responsibilities or simply the citizen itself)  should put the eyes on this human heritage and spread it in their actions around the globe. Everyone can make the difference. Peace, union and freedom are worth to fight about. Thank you Nelson Mandela.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Moon always played an interesting role in our lives, even as a business (space, astrophysics, astrology....). Although its far enough, it can influence people and the whole nature (tides, wind....) with its magnetic and gravitic fields. Atraction or repulsion between persons although sometimes (most of the times) are "physicaly" dependent the core is really in persons spirit. As a matter of an example most of times the public/ or private sector front offices are leaded by (unfortunetly) miseducated people, and most of the times dont know how to treat a "costumer". Everyone should know the importance of a front office which reflects the company or institution first impression hence it can repulse or attract; imagine this for a country, who does have the KEY role to conduct a country front office? Or who has the power and knowledge to attract investment, to create jobs policies, to enhance innovation culture, who are these front officers???

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Indeed that water is our creation basis, it can be a reflection ( ) of our daily motion. It flows, sometimes floods, other just runs narrow or don't run at all.. A Jump into the water could mean that you get to your roots and finally become free for yourself. Our "leaders" seem to have taken an agenda for which they don't have the closest idea where did it came from and where will it lead us to, and sincerely i would dare to say that they care as much as the rest of the common mortals..... assumig that 90% of the persons make plans for a day, or as lot of maketeers like to put it "now"! So, maybe (just maybe) there are some considerations, examples, to recover from the dust that can point out a direction, in order to get the flow that so many aspire.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Every end of day should be inspiring, this one reminds (perhaps) that there's always an waiting sun that can overcome any obstacles and is ready to find every one in that momment or on another day. In one word there can always be HOPE no matter what.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I posted this photo because i've found it side by side an ordinary other flower.... since i've got a limited biology or gardening  knowledge, i'll need someonelse's help in order to discover what flower is this about?
Also idecided to write something about it;

Sometimes a creation coming out of the blue can bloom and you can't recognize it, so will it depend on our knowledge or on our attention to see it coming? The creation can happen randomly, nature impulsed and we should apreciate it when it is a really meaningful or can inspire us to do new things. World needs new things...probably they are already here side by side something ordinary.

Friday, October 4, 2013


This picture was taken at north of Portugal at a beach bar in Furadouro - Ovar city.  Door and windows are very meaningful, they are for entry and exit  (!) . Entry and exits are like our possibilities at our decisions making process, maybe they can help us to get some extra air....or to take a sneak, sometimes. Its our human behave that made us curious about what is behind some door (about something) but after you enter a door that action is done, so you have to live with the consequences of your actions..... world will never gonna be the same then.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thats where we should be in to: a ship ruled by real leaders.
In fact i think there's lot of people lacking references of true motivation and inspiring persons;
(but there surely are a bunch examples...not perfect persons but inspired ones that could and can turn world a better place e.g. aristoteles, magellean, leonard da vinci, mozart, damásio, bill gates, steve jobs, mother teresa of calcuta, phelps...but you wouldnt have to go so far, maybe your father, or your sons are inspiring models)

Once, there was a teacher that told me "first you have to get your house cleaned....." this observation was regarding innovation inside companies.

So how to get the world cleaned? can we divide the problems to simple solvable things and improve for the best of each one of us? Because, i'm certain that almost everyone of us has a special gift that could be worth to enhance and share, and from the diversity of the "best" there would be better solutions to society.

The way i see it It could be done with education driver reinforcement, an education person gets more clarified and aware. This awareness is a starting point for questioning, and from the questioning and discussion answers should be put in place.

For the world get cleaned, such awareness should be balanced fashioned, meaning more equity and less distant gaps.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

THE PASSENGER X - tribute to my missed loved father

(....) from PASSENGER IX
Now we'll rest a bit - observed the Owl looking backwards while walking down the hill watching the fading image of the standing Trees.
(to be continued)

Here and there the Owl and the Passenger returned to their so much loved trees, seeing their strong tree trunks and splendorous leafs and flowers, that so much times took their strengths up to exhaustion.

The Passenger pointed out that the bears and other animals were always taking advantage of the trees to fed themselves  so sometimes some of them took some fresh flours or leafs, and even to use it as they wanted to; But, the Owl seemed that wasn't so much worried because he could see the trees stifness and resilience at weather or nature conditions, so his experiece was telling him that  those were just mere natural conditions. Their team attention kept them looking for every single detail of the trees and their surrouding environment. After sometime Wolves and Bears start to approach around and made them nervous. Although the sun could be seen through the tall trees and the fresh sense of blooming nature, there was some tention in the air... Hunger was felt at the Wolves and Bear eyes . The Owl and Passenger feared for their achievements.... so they wispered each other for a brief discussion and realized for themselves that would be enough if they just stood there watching for their trees. So the beasts approached  and started small talk with the trees...
"Nice leafs you have there....." - said the Bear . "And what gorgeous flowers" emphasized the Wolf; The Bear and Wolf look each other and the Wolf continued - " we have some flowers of our own you want to see them?" - asked the Wolf showing some brilliant things with heavly perfume....

(to be continued)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


friday, october 9th 2009  -  wrote this some years ago to another blog.....

PAZ: Oba!

Muito se tem falado nas virtudes do Presidente Obama. De facto os holofotes estão-lhe tão direccionados que o podem ofuscar. Meio mundo olha para os EUA como uma espécie de guia económico quase como a aguardar o passo seguinte para que decisões estratégicas se tomem; Será um pouco de exagero deixar que uma só nação tome conta do mundo e aliás nestas alturas os EUA querem mesmo aliados (alguém tem de pagar as contas de exércitos privados e de créditos irracionais...) essa factura pesada está ancorar a actividade dos EUA e as pessoas começam a descrer e a ganhar anticorpos salvaguardando-se como podem (ou seja compram menos). Os lobbys sempre farão parte da actividade politica, mas o que o Obama sabia que iria encontrar era uma máquina infernal de lobbying quase impossivel de transpôr; As suas promessas poderão cair por terra sendo que as contas são tantas que talvez as externas, a serem prioritárias, podem-se sobrepor às afamadas healthcare measures e estas nunca passarem de uma miragem. Logicamente que a sua (de Obama) imagem internacional terá um peso decisivo no apoio às tomadas de decisão dificeis (como a gestão de guerras e armamento) e um prémio Nobel é sempre de salientar. Mas sinceramente há 1,5 ano atrás "ninguém" sabia quem era este presidente e o que atrás dessa altura foi feito em prol da dita PAZ. Paz tem um significado único.
Sinceramente espero que esse titulo atribuido seja acompanhado de actos que ultrapassem as expectativas...... do mundo!

Much has been said in the virtues of President Obama. In fact the spotlight is directed him so that can overshadow. Half the world looks to the U.S. as a kind of guide economic almost like waiting for the next step so that strategic decisions are taken, will be a bit of an exaggeration let one nation to take over the world and indeed in these times even the U.S. wants allies (someone has to pay the bills of private armies and credits irrational ...) this bill is heavy anchor U.S. activity and people start to disbelieve and make antibodies safeguarding as they can (ie buy less). The lobbies will always be part of political activity, but what Obama knew he would find was an infernal machine lobbying almost impossible to bridge; Their promises may fall down and the accounts are so many that perhaps external, to be priority may overlap the renowned healthcare Measures and these never pass a mirage. Logically that his (Obama's) international image will have a decisive weight in supporting decision making difficult (as managing wars and weaponry) and Nobel Prize is always noteworthy. But honestly there 1.5 years ago "no one" knew who was behind this president and what that time was made in favor of that PEACE. Peace has a unique meaning.
Sincerely hope that this title is attributed accompanied by acts that exceed expectations ......of the whole world!

No comments for me now after about 4 years.... 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Referring to an old post from 19/08/13
here it is the original; Hope you like it!

You can find this outstanding view at Douro portuguese wonders!!!
Because of the intensive great wine culture I didicate my sound Harvest-BLUE SUN to it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

WORSHIP - Track 4 - Blue Sun

Sometimes its not easy to undistract ourselves with so many appealing mundane things ...e.g.  brands... (by the way theres a interesting movie  called"Branded" which is an alegory of marketing and brands) so perhaps there should be some focusing in order to find a new path filled of simple but great human values; enjoy Gallardo


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Waiting can be virtuous, for the right things i.e. time can heal ... so can music enjoy Gallardo



Walking the streets where you can discover and learn so much things in everybodies lives... cool beat near to reggae: try it on... enjoy Gallardo


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


 stay tunned for more 12 musics for this new music album BLUE SUN

Inspired in summer and friendship.

This new ALBUM will be filled of groving/ chill out music.
below there's the 1st theme. Hope you enjoy.

Dont forget to listen and comment!

All the best

Thursday, August 22, 2013

SILENCE- track 12 - Escape

This is the 12th Song and last from the Album Escape - Silence - groovy sounds....driving the streets keeping images...thinking
... enjoy Gallardo

SILENCE - Original by Gallardo
12th creation

Monday, August 19, 2013

The mirror - Photo

Here and there we found ouselves with some simetries...sides that look alike and at the end we have to get to a decision for the right position or side.

Can you tell which is the right position for this photo? (at the end of sometime i'll post it in the correct position) . Gallardo

Sunday, August 18, 2013

AMAZED - track 11 - Escape

This is the 11th Song at the Album Escape - AMAZED - Is a dance music where people felt music amazed
while music plays they laugh a lot.
... enjoy Gallardo

AMAZED - Original by Gallardo
11th creation

Friday, August 16, 2013

SECRET . Jazz me in - track 10 - Escape

This is the 10th Song at the Album Escape - SECRET.JAZZ ME IN - Is a music that gathers the jazz sounds with romance lyrics (to be updated)
as i see it diferent new sounds... enjoy Gallardo

SECRET.JAZZ ME IN - Original by Gallardo
10th creation

Thursday, August 15, 2013

INTO THE SAND - track 9 - Escape

This is the 9th Song at the Album Escape - INTO the SAND - The horse that crosses the desert found its way to fly out of there...
diferent electro pop and dance music sounds. ... enjoy Gallardo

INTO THE SAND - Original by Gallardo
9th creation

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FORBIDEN - track 8 - Escape

This is the 8th Song at the Album Escape - Forbiden, music its allowed, try to stop this ... enjoy Gallardo

FORBIDEN - Original by Gallardo
8th creation

Monday, August 12, 2013

OCEAN - track 7 - Escape

This is the 7th Song at the Album Escape - OCEAN, try to leave us in a drifting raft in the middle of a blue OCEAN lulled by the waves and sea sounds ... enjoy Gallardo

OCEAN - Original by Gallardo
7th creation

Saturday, August 10, 2013

DANCING DAWN - track 6 - Escape

This the 6th Song at the Album Escape -Dancing Dawn, takes us to the dream of a woman that is sleepin and then wakes up look up the window and realize that everyones dancing while the morning enters the day... enjoy Gallardo

Dancing Dawn - Original by Gallardo
6th creation

Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes inside some forest you can find a litle peace in the rush of world... rest in peace tired boats!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Net free old lady
This old lady refused to be photographed for my camera; i guess she won't see it either in my blog or facebook... but i can't really blame her since the image quality is not what the model deserve, the intention counts!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You Rock may Roll

This has been taken during a hiking and is a piece of a a wall , and it occurred me 2 things....
1st: was that in the ancient days there were stifness enough to build difficult structures manually and no one complain about it.......
2nd: we are all rocks in a wall, if we don't stay strong together we might roll..... yep : rock and roll!

Friday, July 26, 2013


People should be more creative,
creativness is one of our human main core characteristics,
so why not to use it? (at least make things diferent or with different approaches)
Sure if one have no bread at the table to eat,
how creativity would help, in economic point of view?

Lets start from the begining where as we should get proper education,
and context conditions (this means that the environment that surround us
will surelly influence during our lives).

Having that said, i think that should be governments responsibility
to promote society through educational programs...of course that all
implies money (resources).
Education will open consciousness and than after critical espirit....hence
people will question themselves, and from that questioning will result
more society intervention and also awareness for problems and other;

For instance ancient Greece has returned more open thinking with its favourable environment conditions (they had power/ strong army) and through power got knowledge
and through knowledge and stability.... arts, leisure,
new democracy basis (still addopted nowdays).

My end question (perhaps) would be like this:
since politicians can change the world (with all parallel questions of course!!) and are a privileged class (i.e. they have stability and a proper environment), why don't they use their
favourable context to be more creative and really do what they should... which in my opinion is taking care of their citizens and at present with a global view???



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE LAGOON - photo

This photo has been taken in some 10:00 am at 35ºC near a nice lagoon... yes the trees were my witnesses how hot it was...nearby some 200 person were preparing for a hicking morning. Enjoy the summer.


This the 5th Song at the Album Escape - Slow After Dinner, his Music reminds me this picture:
after a romantic dinner a couple challenges
their whishes and slowly embrace themselves in a provocative dancing, while witnessed by the almost invisible waiteress, up to the end.... go figure the end... enjoy Gallardo

Slow After Dinner - Original by Gallardo
5th creation

Saturday, July 13, 2013


This the 4th Song at the Album Escape - Human Alert, City people at the everydays rush noticed a siren alert and that make them stay inside a building where dicided to dance; at the end it was a DJ that fired the alarm on purpose.... Gallardo

Human Alert - Original by Gallardo
4th creation

GONE - music

This the 3rd Song at the Album Escape - Gone, which represents a person that dives into the woods going away from the ordinary things and find itself in a really fantastic journey. At the end the person realises that has been dreaming. Gallardo

Gone - Original by Gallardo
3rd creation 

Friday, July 12, 2013

ESCAPE - music

Song about a man at the airport that desperatly looks for something... that he finds at the end.

2nd Song from the album "ESCAPE"  . Enjoy!  Gallardo

2nd Creation

HIPUP G - music

HIP UP G - Original by Gallardo
1st Creation with online music maker

New Section "MUSIKing"

I 've added a new section in my blog dedicated to music, wich refers to some of my
mixed music thoughts. Hope you leave your comments and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Tree

The Tree

This Tree was caught up at the edge of a countryside road; maybe defying the other that are in front....or perhaps calling the other to join her, in such quietness...or even maybe waiting a right time for something to happen.


Friday, July 5, 2013


This picture deserves a bit of a story.... In a brief  this was taken some years ago with my 3 MP web cam (so much for the quality thing, and wiring, anthenas....)  in an isolated Portuguese (i will get back later to the location ...'cause i cant remember now ) village, eventhough it shows a lot. In this sort of villages (comon in non urban Portugal: mostly northeast and southeast) it is usual to eldery people to be, during shiny days, at the doors of their homes, to get warm, to think, chat and observe the other or everything combined . But what was this particular man doing? He was seated down near that small chapel... waiting for the priest? Perhaps just a devoted person who thought to be closer to his beliefs...chapels guardian...?! could carry a secret... or better a good story: but i didn't ask him unfortunetly. Perhaps he was fed up being home alone waiting for their children that emigrated to come back safe and sound; so he prayed while chapel was closed ...and got warmed .... tired he fell in sleep dreaming .


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Submerging Countries : All

What has history taught us up to now, regarding evolution?

Are we prone to follow the easy stuff, are we soulless spirits that can't see beyond consumption?
same tastes, same colours, same sounds, same patterns...same that what are we leading at, our supposed evolution? Is there some sort of shell/ umbrella where peolple want to be controled?

I guess i know what AI (artificial inteligence) really means... we are organic robots;



THE PASSENGER IX - tribute to my missed loved father

 Localy they could ear murmuring "what a perfume ..." " is it ok for them having here that plants" all sort of questions were made.... (to be continued)

Eventhough there were lots of comments by the bears and even other like cats and dogs, the two friends were more concerned on how to get through  the mission of taking a real good care of  the seeds, yet turned glamorous young Trees.

Every day water and heavy rains, sun and fog, wind and storm, nutrured that nature miracle, so both of the friends did everything they could possible do to protect and care. In the overpass of something difficult, had long conversations about what would be the next expectable thing and always realized the time shortness.
- .... and if there's a bear attack? -  feared the Owl.
- One day probably will happen, but the Trees will be stronger and prepared for Bears  and other... calmed down the Passenger looking straight to Owl hudge eyes - maybe its time for us to leave and see for ourselves the results;
The Bears and the rest of the people observed and comment....observed and comment, whisper, conspired.

So they did. Tired but happy with the so far results, they felt the sense of mission accomplishement,
They took of the fence and stand in front of the Trees a slight breeze came down and with it the usual perfume of the Tree's leafs and now flours.

Now we'll rest a bit - observed the Owl looking backwards while walking down the hill watching the fading image of the standing Trees.
(to be continued)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

THE PASSENGER VIII - tribute to my missed loved father

Consistently and firmly were always watching for their precious seeds, that so carefully found during their journey. (to be continued)
So they travelled, carrying out their own packs and seeds without noticing the hours the days passing by; Here and then they stopped to rest, or take a breake and talked about the place where to dibble the seeds... The two friends have spoted an elevated place where they thought to be a good one for the seeds to grow and bloom. "I'll stay here for a while; what do you think about it?" - inquired the traveller to the Owl. "Sure, it seems a nice and peacefull place " agreed the Owl. Every day watered the seeds that. Not an easy task ... there was no track in the way, so day did have build it for themselves. " Hey what are you doing ? " said a Big Bear during one of the journeys to get the water to the seeds. "We're just taking some water to our place" - said the traveller - "do you want to help" ?
Not quite... i'm here to warn you that is not a place for you, that's a place for Big Bears like me and other likewise.
The traveller listen and explained the Owl what has been told. So they thought they were there for a while, and putted so much efforts on their mission that wouldnt be worth and reasonable to take the Big Bear seriously although they worried and preventivly built a fence... just in case.
Now every day also, a group of Big Bears stood watching traveler and owl's moves.
The seeds soon turned up to be plants with leaves exalating a perfume that caught everyone's attention. Localy they could ear murmuring "what a perfume ..." " is it ok for them having here that plants" all sort of questions were made.... (to be continued)



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THE PASSENGER VII - tribute to my missed loved father

So he stood staring at the horizon to the infinit.... got his packs done and headed to nowhere.
His packs were really heavy , but eventhough he knew that he had a way to go, and so kept focus on the path. Suddenly at dawn of the day, he noticed a Owl smilling at him. The Owl was staying over a bush. "Why are you smilling?" asked the surprised Passenger. "You look like have done a long journey..... " observed the white shiny Owl with a smooth yet embareced voice - "I'm smiling because i'll follow you all along". "I was thinking exacly the same!" - thought the passenger. Both, in silence, urged into the woods, but with the certain of a good journey.

The woods seem somehow dangerous, but they embraced the path always having in mind that was their mission, and imagining that the purpose was much beyond their personal beliefs.

Meanwhile they discovered some wonderful seeds that were being sold by the road from an ancient.
Those seemed wonderful as both agreed, and as the ancient advised them to take a good care of it with some profound hoarse voice.

 Consistently and firmly were always watching for their precious seeds, that so carefully found during their journey.  (to be continued)


for the best person and friend i have met in my life,
my father - it has been one year now, hopping one day
we can finaly meet again. rest in peace good one.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pequeno contributo para o dia mundial da poesia / poetry day small contribute:

Where are my hands,
Which I raised to the sky?
Where's my own sin
... Which I sang on my cry?

Sometimes I dream.
And even on my dreams
Its foggy like steam.
To me, what does it seem?

I defeat the velvet skin
Into the floor,
Where bodies spin,
Where secrets die,
Where bodies have been...
Where corps lay,
Where lines are thin…

RONALDO CR7 Best Soccer Player EVER - Portuguese Pride

Here´s my tribute to what I think to be the best football/ soccer player ever.
Thanks Ronaldo CR7. Good Luck