Tuesday, March 26, 2013

THE PASSENGER VII - tribute to my missed loved father

So he stood staring at the horizon to the infinit.... got his packs done and headed to nowhere.
His packs were really heavy , but eventhough he knew that he had a way to go, and so kept focus on the path. Suddenly at dawn of the day, he noticed a Owl smilling at him. The Owl was staying over a bush. "Why are you smilling?" asked the surprised Passenger. "You look like have done a long journey..... " observed the white shiny Owl with a smooth yet embareced voice - "I'm smiling because i'll follow you all along". "I was thinking exacly the same!" - thought the passenger. Both, in silence, urged into the woods, but with the certain of a good journey.

The woods seem somehow dangerous, but they embraced the path always having in mind that was their mission, and imagining that the purpose was much beyond their personal beliefs.

Meanwhile they discovered some wonderful seeds that were being sold by the road from an ancient.
Those seemed wonderful as both agreed, and as the ancient advised them to take a good care of it with some profound hoarse voice.

 Consistently and firmly were always watching for their precious seeds, that so carefully found during their journey.  (to be continued)


for the best person and friend i have met in my life,
my father - it has been one year now, hopping one day
we can finaly meet again. rest in peace good one.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pequeno contributo para o dia mundial da poesia / poetry day small contribute:

Where are my hands,
Which I raised to the sky?
Where's my own sin
... Which I sang on my cry?

Sometimes I dream.
And even on my dreams
Its foggy like steam.
To me, what does it seem?

I defeat the velvet skin
Into the floor,
Where bodies spin,
Where secrets die,
Where bodies have been...
Where corps lay,
Where lines are thin…

RONALDO CR7 Best Soccer Player EVER - Portuguese Pride

Here´s my tribute to what I think to be the best football/ soccer player ever.
Thanks Ronaldo CR7. Good Luck