Wednesday, April 3, 2013

THE PASSENGER VIII - tribute to my missed loved father

Consistently and firmly were always watching for their precious seeds, that so carefully found during their journey. (to be continued)
So they travelled, carrying out their own packs and seeds without noticing the hours the days passing by; Here and then they stopped to rest, or take a breake and talked about the place where to dibble the seeds... The two friends have spoted an elevated place where they thought to be a good one for the seeds to grow and bloom. "I'll stay here for a while; what do you think about it?" - inquired the traveller to the Owl. "Sure, it seems a nice and peacefull place " agreed the Owl. Every day watered the seeds that. Not an easy task ... there was no track in the way, so day did have build it for themselves. " Hey what are you doing ? " said a Big Bear during one of the journeys to get the water to the seeds. "We're just taking some water to our place" - said the traveller - "do you want to help" ?
Not quite... i'm here to warn you that is not a place for you, that's a place for Big Bears like me and other likewise.
The traveller listen and explained the Owl what has been told. So they thought they were there for a while, and putted so much efforts on their mission that wouldnt be worth and reasonable to take the Big Bear seriously although they worried and preventivly built a fence... just in case.
Now every day also, a group of Big Bears stood watching traveler and owl's moves.
The seeds soon turned up to be plants with leaves exalating a perfume that caught everyone's attention. Localy they could ear murmuring "what a perfume ..." " is it ok for them having here that plants" all sort of questions were made.... (to be continued)



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