Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Submerging Countries : All

What has history taught us up to now, regarding evolution?

Are we prone to follow the easy stuff, are we soulless spirits that can't see beyond consumption?
same tastes, same colours, same sounds, same patterns...same that what are we leading at, our supposed evolution? Is there some sort of shell/ umbrella where peolple want to be controled?

I guess i know what AI (artificial inteligence) really means... we are organic robots;



THE PASSENGER IX - tribute to my missed loved father

 Localy they could ear murmuring "what a perfume ..." " is it ok for them having here that plants" all sort of questions were made.... (to be continued)

Eventhough there were lots of comments by the bears and even other like cats and dogs, the two friends were more concerned on how to get through  the mission of taking a real good care of  the seeds, yet turned glamorous young Trees.

Every day water and heavy rains, sun and fog, wind and storm, nutrured that nature miracle, so both of the friends did everything they could possible do to protect and care. In the overpass of something difficult, had long conversations about what would be the next expectable thing and always realized the time shortness.
- .... and if there's a bear attack? -  feared the Owl.
- One day probably will happen, but the Trees will be stronger and prepared for Bears  and other... calmed down the Passenger looking straight to Owl hudge eyes - maybe its time for us to leave and see for ourselves the results;
The Bears and the rest of the people observed and comment....observed and comment, whisper, conspired.

So they did. Tired but happy with the so far results, they felt the sense of mission accomplishement,
They took of the fence and stand in front of the Trees a slight breeze came down and with it the usual perfume of the Tree's leafs and now flours.

Now we'll rest a bit - observed the Owl looking backwards while walking down the hill watching the fading image of the standing Trees.
(to be continued)