Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You Rock may Roll

This has been taken during a hiking and is a piece of a a wall , and it occurred me 2 things....
1st: was that in the ancient days there were stifness enough to build difficult structures manually and no one complain about it.......
2nd: we are all rocks in a wall, if we don't stay strong together we might roll..... yep : rock and roll!

Friday, July 26, 2013


People should be more creative,
creativness is one of our human main core characteristics,
so why not to use it? (at least make things diferent or with different approaches)
Sure if one have no bread at the table to eat,
how creativity would help, in economic point of view?

Lets start from the begining where as we should get proper education,
and context conditions (this means that the environment that surround us
will surelly influence during our lives).

Having that said, i think that should be governments responsibility
to promote society through educational programs...of course that all
implies money (resources).
Education will open consciousness and than after critical espirit....hence
people will question themselves, and from that questioning will result
more society intervention and also awareness for problems and other;

For instance ancient Greece has returned more open thinking with its favourable environment conditions (they had power/ strong army) and through power got knowledge
and through knowledge and stability.... arts, leisure,
new democracy basis (still addopted nowdays).

My end question (perhaps) would be like this:
since politicians can change the world (with all parallel questions of course!!) and are a privileged class (i.e. they have stability and a proper environment), why don't they use their
favourable context to be more creative and really do what they should... which in my opinion is taking care of their citizens and at present with a global view???



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE LAGOON - photo

This photo has been taken in some 10:00 am at 35ÂșC near a nice lagoon... yes the trees were my witnesses how hot it was...nearby some 200 person were preparing for a hicking morning. Enjoy the summer.


This the 5th Song at the Album Escape - Slow After Dinner, his Music reminds me this picture:
after a romantic dinner a couple challenges
their whishes and slowly embrace themselves in a provocative dancing, while witnessed by the almost invisible waiteress, up to the end.... go figure the end... enjoy Gallardo

Slow After Dinner - Original by Gallardo
5th creation

Saturday, July 13, 2013


This the 4th Song at the Album Escape - Human Alert, City people at the everydays rush noticed a siren alert and that make them stay inside a building where dicided to dance; at the end it was a DJ that fired the alarm on purpose.... Gallardo

Human Alert - Original by Gallardo
4th creation

GONE - music

This the 3rd Song at the Album Escape - Gone, which represents a person that dives into the woods going away from the ordinary things and find itself in a really fantastic journey. At the end the person realises that has been dreaming. Gallardo

Gone - Original by Gallardo
3rd creation 

Friday, July 12, 2013

ESCAPE - music

Song about a man at the airport that desperatly looks for something... that he finds at the end.

2nd Song from the album "ESCAPE"  . Enjoy!  Gallardo

2nd Creation

HIPUP G - music

HIP UP G - Original by Gallardo
1st Creation with online music maker

New Section "MUSIKing"

I 've added a new section in my blog dedicated to music, wich refers to some of my
mixed music thoughts. Hope you leave your comments and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Tree

The Tree

This Tree was caught up at the edge of a countryside road; maybe defying the other that are in front....or perhaps calling the other to join her, in such quietness...or even maybe waiting a right time for something to happen.


Friday, July 5, 2013


This picture deserves a bit of a story.... In a brief  this was taken some years ago with my 3 MP web cam (so much for the quality thing, and wiring, anthenas....)  in an isolated Portuguese (i will get back later to the location ...'cause i cant remember now ) village, eventhough it shows a lot. In this sort of villages (comon in non urban Portugal: mostly northeast and southeast) it is usual to eldery people to be, during shiny days, at the doors of their homes, to get warm, to think, chat and observe the other or everything combined . But what was this particular man doing? He was seated down near that small chapel... waiting for the priest? Perhaps just a devoted person who thought to be closer to his beliefs...chapels guardian...?! could carry a secret... or better a good story: but i didn't ask him unfortunetly. Perhaps he was fed up being home alone waiting for their children that emigrated to come back safe and sound; so he prayed while chapel was closed ...and got warmed .... tired he fell in sleep dreaming .


Tuesday, July 2, 2013