Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Every end of day should be inspiring, this one reminds (perhaps) that there's always an waiting sun that can overcome any obstacles and is ready to find every one in that momment or on another day. In one word there can always be HOPE no matter what.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I posted this photo because i've found it side by side an ordinary other flower.... since i've got a limited biology or gardening  knowledge, i'll need someonelse's help in order to discover what flower is this about?
Also idecided to write something about it;

Sometimes a creation coming out of the blue can bloom and you can't recognize it, so will it depend on our knowledge or on our attention to see it coming? The creation can happen randomly, nature impulsed and we should apreciate it when it is a really meaningful or can inspire us to do new things. World needs new things...probably they are already here side by side something ordinary.

Friday, October 4, 2013


This picture was taken at north of Portugal at a beach bar in Furadouro - Ovar city.  Door and windows are very meaningful, they are for entry and exit  (!) . Entry and exits are like our possibilities at our decisions making process, maybe they can help us to get some extra air....or to take a sneak, sometimes. Its our human behave that made us curious about what is behind some door (about something) but after you enter a door that action is done, so you have to live with the consequences of your actions..... world will never gonna be the same then.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thats where we should be in to: a ship ruled by real leaders.
In fact i think there's lot of people lacking references of true motivation and inspiring persons;
(but there surely are a bunch examples...not perfect persons but inspired ones that could and can turn world a better place e.g. aristoteles, magellean, leonard da vinci, mozart, damásio, bill gates, steve jobs, mother teresa of calcuta, phelps...but you wouldnt have to go so far, maybe your father, or your sons are inspiring models)

Once, there was a teacher that told me "first you have to get your house cleaned....." this observation was regarding innovation inside companies.

So how to get the world cleaned? can we divide the problems to simple solvable things and improve for the best of each one of us? Because, i'm certain that almost everyone of us has a special gift that could be worth to enhance and share, and from the diversity of the "best" there would be better solutions to society.

The way i see it It could be done with education driver reinforcement, an education person gets more clarified and aware. This awareness is a starting point for questioning, and from the questioning and discussion answers should be put in place.

For the world get cleaned, such awareness should be balanced fashioned, meaning more equity and less distant gaps.