Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Thats where we should be in to: a ship ruled by real leaders.
In fact i think there's lot of people lacking references of true motivation and inspiring persons;
(but there surely are a bunch examples...not perfect persons but inspired ones that could and can turn world a better place e.g. aristoteles, magellean, leonard da vinci, mozart, damásio, bill gates, steve jobs, mother teresa of calcuta, phelps...but you wouldnt have to go so far, maybe your father, or your sons are inspiring models)

Once, there was a teacher that told me "first you have to get your house cleaned....." this observation was regarding innovation inside companies.

So how to get the world cleaned? can we divide the problems to simple solvable things and improve for the best of each one of us? Because, i'm certain that almost everyone of us has a special gift that could be worth to enhance and share, and from the diversity of the "best" there would be better solutions to society.

The way i see it It could be done with education driver reinforcement, an education person gets more clarified and aware. This awareness is a starting point for questioning, and from the questioning and discussion answers should be put in place.

For the world get cleaned, such awareness should be balanced fashioned, meaning more equity and less distant gaps.


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

Equity in what sense exactly?

People's inspiration died after the 9/11. Then came Barack Obama, who truly inspires people (although that is not his personal goal) and made some foes in the process because he manages to do it post 9/11 - but that's a whole different conversation.

We need inspirational leaders but competent ones as well. For example, PM Sócrates was inspirational (if we look at the Portuguese reality) but he messed the country's economy up - he blew it. So, being inspirational alone is not enough.

Education: it is vital. But people are not more clarified because of it. Look around, how many people with college degrees do you know that know very little? I know plenty. This being said, education is capital but cultural knowledge is even more - which most of the times is not acquired in schools; yet, despite being widely available for all, only very small numbers choose to chase it.
It's a paradox.

Great post, G.


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max,
Equity in the sense of true justice for everyone and surely state proportional....
Hope never dies...its just human (one can be beated but never broken... unless the whole universe dictates it)

former PM Socrates ... did he really ever inspired.... who? (sure he had lots of followers...)

Around portuguese system there isnt a true educational long term politic (just listen Michael Porter about strategy for regions around the world). There just have to co-exist a mix of variables that lead to new chalenges. But theres a paradox in all of this i must agree! thx for your point. all the best!!

Max Coutinho said...


What's true justice? :)
There can only be equity among equals; other than that it is all an illusion.

LOL not me. However, Portugal was very quiet when Sócrates was a leader and they seemed to nod and roll at everything he said, so...I guess they inspired most of the country. The minute he left, Portugal woke up and started protesting (just 3-4 months after the elections)...they wanted daddy back.

You may be right. Thank you for listening and answering.