Friday, November 15, 2013


Moon always played an interesting role in our lives, even as a business (space, astrophysics, astrology....). Although its far enough, it can influence people and the whole nature (tides, wind....) with its magnetic and gravitic fields. Atraction or repulsion between persons although sometimes (most of the times) are "physicaly" dependent the core is really in persons spirit. As a matter of an example most of times the public/ or private sector front offices are leaded by (unfortunetly) miseducated people, and most of the times dont know how to treat a "costumer". Everyone should know the importance of a front office which reflects the company or institution first impression hence it can repulse or attract; imagine this for a country, who does have the KEY role to conduct a country front office? Or who has the power and knowledge to attract investment, to create jobs policies, to enhance innovation culture, who are these front officers???

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Indeed that water is our creation basis, it can be a reflection ( ) of our daily motion. It flows, sometimes floods, other just runs narrow or don't run at all.. A Jump into the water could mean that you get to your roots and finally become free for yourself. Our "leaders" seem to have taken an agenda for which they don't have the closest idea where did it came from and where will it lead us to, and sincerely i would dare to say that they care as much as the rest of the common mortals..... assumig that 90% of the persons make plans for a day, or as lot of maketeers like to put it "now"! So, maybe (just maybe) there are some considerations, examples, to recover from the dust that can point out a direction, in order to get the flow that so many aspire.