Friday, November 15, 2013


Moon always played an interesting role in our lives, even as a business (space, astrophysics, astrology....). Although its far enough, it can influence people and the whole nature (tides, wind....) with its magnetic and gravitic fields. Atraction or repulsion between persons although sometimes (most of the times) are "physicaly" dependent the core is really in persons spirit. As a matter of an example most of times the public/ or private sector front offices are leaded by (unfortunetly) miseducated people, and most of the times dont know how to treat a "costumer". Everyone should know the importance of a front office which reflects the company or institution first impression hence it can repulse or attract; imagine this for a country, who does have the KEY role to conduct a country front office? Or who has the power and knowledge to attract investment, to create jobs policies, to enhance innovation culture, who are these front officers???


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Gallardo,

Are you critiquing our Foreign Minister or our Vice-PM? :)

Loved the picture of the "little" moon; in particular the sky.


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max, not only but also .... my focus is to general misconcept of the jobs; I mean how many persons are really prepared for the job that they do? if education and training are important, politness and strength must always be present. You know that a misleading info in a company can turn down a business or stepway of costumers, all team must be commited for the same objectives in order to transmit a fair comunication as a whole.... a good comunication has the power to atract or repel... e.g. the popular mistake from Pepsi.... Many thx for your comment!

All the best
Have a nice time!

Max Coutinho said...


Not many are technically prepared for their jobs, true. And in Portugal it is quite common to see people who undertook Humanistic studies, with no mathematical knowledge whatsoever, working in Banking (how can they do a proper job?).

The French are obsessed by politeness in business. When I went to live there, I was shocked at how polite cashiers were at the supermarket (remember how the Portuguese ones were 15 years ago? They were rude, unsympathetic, a mess). So, again, you are right.

Misleading information is definitely a customer turn off and Portugal still has a long way to go on that one - starting with misleading marketing. I have so many examples but we would be here the whole weekend lol.

Have a fabulous weekend, G.