Saturday, December 28, 2013


In this season there are lots of people travelling around the world, usually for celebrations, gatherings, or new work opportunities;  In my opinion home is a concept for your comfort place, whether its tangible or not. Wherever you geographically are, your thoughts will be and remain with you (at least up to the moment :) ). Sometimes you feel the need to share this same thoughts to anyone, some other just to your closest ones; maybe also you need to change paradigms, and look for what your were, if that makes you happy, or to get back to your roots whether if they are materialized near a group of persons (family or not) or enjoying the silence and your thoughts. Its some sort of personal reengineering where you get your own machine more efficient in that such  NTP (ptn) conditions...  (remembered Sheryl Crow with " if it makes you happy..." and Depeche Mode "enjoy the silence" ).

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Max Coutinho said...

Hi G,

Where is Home exactly? In my case (cause I have been travelling since I was born), I'd say home is wherever my family may be and Home is above.

Boas entradas!