Friday, December 6, 2013


In these days where raw models are lacking or scarce, one more has left this earth. Most of the newspapers refer to Mandela as being dead, but actually it is my opinion that should be written that he lives. He lives in his spirit, testimony of humbleness, fight for freedom, union, sense of mission and commitment for peace, hence a messenger in his journey in a troubled society and world;  Can you name at the present moment another living example of a person that fought for freedom and union of persons? Personally I hardly can't.
Much things are being said, so i'll try to stick to my own perception of MADIBA (Nelson Mandela). First real impression that I've had was during his release back in 1990. I thought "what kind of a person stays arrested for its true cause for so many time?". An idealist and inspired person would do that (i now say). So many persons (leaders with society and world responsibilities or simply the citizen itself)  should put the eyes on this human heritage and spread it in their actions around the globe. Everyone can make the difference. Peace, union and freedom are worth to fight about. Thank you Nelson Mandela.

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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

Mandela was considered a terrorist when he was fighting for the end of the apartheid; but (based on the definition of terrorism) he wasn't; in fact, he is one of the few real freedom fighters of this earth.
He did live for a honourable cause and, despite his domestic violence incidents (which are grave and most avoid addressing it), he did help to free his country from that terrible regime. But he wasn't alone in that fight.

I wish his soul to rest in peace. And may his legacy endure.