Friday, December 27, 2013


Much has been said and written about digital info and data content share and its use. Nowadays we are most closely to a big and worldwide reality show. Everyone is using major data, seeing his target profit. No naive thought about this issue, is just the way is all being addressed by the big players. Is general population nothing more than just mere sitting ducks? Is all taken to the point where the matter is how much you worth by your collected data? Of course information as a price, but what i am talking about is the way and means this same information is collected and finally used. Can you name now a step in your life where data collection isn't done? I can't.  Lets take a very small example. You go to work, take your car, stop in a gas station, and there you are in a screen controlled by someone (of course for security reasons); But the real doubts start precisely after the image being processed/recorded and archived. The image can collect your behaviour for a certain socio study easily transformed in the stats useful to be sold (of course without your permission) for any marketing company, gov etc. In  the way to work you have to pass in tolls (peĆ”ge) imagine that your car plate is being checked each time a car passes the toll, what represents the amount of info collected from the drivers: where they go, at each time of the day etc etc who would benefit with such info..... and goes on..... and i didn't mention yet anything about cellular phones, or computers, net..... So what to do ... well, our own info must be worth something for someone .... and i would like to collect my bucks ......!


Max Coutinho said...

Hi G,

Hold your horses. There are privacy laws to prevent the images captured of you from being sold. What they can and will be used for is for criminal prosecution, in case you get involved in criminal acts, of course.

All for the rest, oh well...people voluntarily give away their privacy; because it is still possible to live without leaving traces...


Max Coutinho said...
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GALLARDO said...

Hi Max, Can someone assure that data collection isn't misused? (of course there are regulatory institutions to defend and control, but usually these are commanded by lobbyists or front In parallel with the thought, is not the image itself that i give my emphasis, but data treatment that can result in promiscuous relations between organizations hence people.
Yes, I know that true freedom has costs, usually human hence society ones. All the best.