Friday, January 31, 2014


About Super Bowl censured Soda commercial:
 "is just a matter of establish standards ... once is done, there will be more to follow afterwards... the system hypocrisy is that everyone is doing something that looks like (banking, food, pharmaceutical, you name it), ... and are accepted or not accordingly the key players (usually the powerful ones)... so what to?, besides citizens really take the destiny that they want...."

Clearly that this debate has its epicenter wherever someone wants to put it, and surely its roots depend on who will be affected (how loud you have made your shout).
I'll try to focus here very briefly,and in a random order, several issues :

Marketing Strategy and Product itself, the commercial content, the fuss....

-as for the marketing, well sometimes a censure has much more advertising effects than a whole campaign itself... so this leads me to the "what if" this was done on purpose? (except the side effects on miss Johansson). Market are the soda consumers or energetic beverages consumers also;

- the product itself is an innovation, a portable device to have soda at home... ( that would make some cola and beverage brands go nuts.... and make them possibly what they can to stop it.... or in time, follow it). Of course there are the consumables such as the CO2 bottle, the flavouring spares, maintenance contracts etc... so the basic concept as for espresso coffee or the trendy "do it by yourself", "tailored made".

-the commercial itself is very visual, the actress is surely appealing, the lines are in my opinion too shallow, who would expected more ?!... this is not properly a "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", directed by Woody Allen); of course there is sexism and in sum the whole script could be a bit more ... polite, but for essentially a manly football fan audience, someone just followed his basic instinct which is in this case, sex.

-finally about the fuss itself.... this is just hypocrisy,  as i've said above every major company try to reduce is costs wherever in the world... being Energy, Finance, Coffee, Cocoa, Pharma or Textile.... all over the world, (i wouldnt dare now to point out a country, since this a Global issue);  you could question market rules or foreign laws, so you'll have to act through your mandatory or representative officer, considering you're a living in a democracy where citizens will has an effect.

So is up to people to decide whether to choose where their energy should be spent at, and if it is worth, in a cause effect perspective.

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