Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WELCOME 2014 - forecast for 2014

For 2014 i believe that world trends will emphasize in 2 distinct directions. By one hand economically and by another society.
2014 will definitely be in general (as a whole average) slightly better, if no wildcard takes ahead....

1st people are more aware, thats a good thing result of the information access so technology had a key role here; Although this process is slow, i think awareness is important in advanced societies where democratic structures are more efficient and more people focused.

2nd these same people for themselves realise more that can't rely and be so states/ government dependents, so they'll create their own structures and figure for themselves how to define and achieve their requirements. (ONGs, Groups, Networks .... this nothing new but its actually taking place in scale as Peter Drucker foreseen)

3rd New players are creating their agenda and with it societies will have to adapt to it, for instance "new" foreign languages teaching in some schools regarding these country economic weight or investment (powerful tool as i see it). So new cultural mixed standards and also technological ones.

4th New tech advances in hardware (nanotech advances) and augmented reality will bring new breakthrough opportunities in how people relate with machines  and with each other. Increasing tailored made productive systems.

5th There are also some uncertainties in what consumption concerns. The weak signs of EU, China 1st slowdown impact, the doubts for Japanese Bank as a key role for investment support, US debt dependencies ...

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