Monday, March 31, 2014

The journey: life emergency kit

There's a certain idea about life possession, and how tight we are to it.
My questions/ answers about it are very ordinary, and probably random or shallow...
Probably (if you've read some of my other thoughts) you will think that this pseudo-analysis
is more from the same..... but there are some details though.

a) What is important in life? (what values should you truly cherish?)
b) How patient you are, to accept your human condition?
c) Is it worth to be unhappy if you are healthy?
d) Too many distractions make you unfocused?
e) Where do your focus should be pointed at?

I think that it is consensual that our lives are fragile and brief, and of course its up to us
to decide how to manage our seconds in this time lapse. So, life can be an opportunity
if  perhaps health, luck and preparation meet together in a certain moment;
By marketing books, we are taught or at least impeled to live the moment and appreciate
all the goodies that we possible can or even cannot....

Answering (it really depends on so many things; i'll try to stick to the average, and add a personal view )

a) your priorities will determine the importance for it;
for instance all your main connection, relations/ creations and dreams should be cherished.
(meanwhile don't forget to keep in shape mentally and physically!)

b) Patience is one of those characteristics that can gives you clearness,
and also time to think about, and perhaps an opportunity to make things
relative... patience to do, listen, to learn, to wait, observe and enjoy.

c) To be happy and embrace life as it moves forward in time, will be contagious, to you
and the others that deal with you. (spread happiness, you'll receive happiness).
If you think there's no reason to be happy, then try to relativize (as i stated before)

d) Sometimes we think we are in such a rush, that we are not able to absorb any more information,
but if you consider to have a good 2nd thought, then you'll probably realize that most of that
information or occupation, is rubbish and don't even make part of your priorities... the ones that
can make you really happy.

e) Focus what you enjoy, probably this step we'll take you right to the first one a)

in sum, i know that we lack some seconds .... but .... one day at a time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you learn from experience? 5 steps

We all know that our behaviour reflects our life in what experiences concerns about;
So how could we learn from those experiences? is there a procedure for it?
This can take us to the point where is mandatory define good and bad (to filter).
Good - what impels you go further without hurting anyone
Bad - hurting someone to achieve your desire

1 Live and do (interact)
2 Invoque and remember
3 Select (accordingly to your own concepts of good bad)
4 Apply ( in every moment)
5 Check results (constantly)

If the results match to your interests, that leads you to improvement, then you are learning..(?)

Friday, March 21, 2014

POETRY DAY - a thought about it

As i see it, Poetry is like a life metaphor .... a subtle look from a deep conscious state, which can be whatever the author or reader wants.... so here's my small contribute. (got done a new sound also.... please just click "play" if you want to ear it)


Through images seen
Through thoughts I gather
Some truth where I lean
Read it in a bird's feather

All that it is
All that it has been
Perhaps doesn't makes sense
Because landscapes are thin
And they can be so dense;
By the touch of a finger
By the sound of a ear
Where you can finally rest
Where you can finally linger
Lulled by a journeys quest
Only with peace, with no fear.

About to find a new sky
Maybe its a dream at sleep
Probably just a quantum leap
This path at a blink of an eye.

Gallardo Santini

Thursday, March 20, 2014

THE PASSENGER XI - tribute to my missed loved father

So the beasts approached  and started small talk with the trees...
"Nice leafs you have there....." - said the Bear . "And what gorgeous flowers" emphasized the Wolf; The Bear and Wolf look each other and the Wolf continued - " we have some flowers of our own you want to see them?" - asked the Wolf showing some brilliant things with heavenly perfume....
(to be continued)

The Trees were much aware of such offers and so they stood together, facing all the adversities such as of that snicky wolves, or the gigant strong bears, which every time were trying  to get off the fence, though their many tries....
With the careful tired eyes  the owl and passenger crossed by to take a look, repair some of wrecked fence portion... but every each time were amazed and proud for their glorious achievement; now they really were splendorous, magnificent, could be seen from far..... and more and more animals noticed it .... even the many birds were not indifferent and just picked some leaves without any permission..... "what for ?"  they claimed..... " there are so many... and these are so much tasty"..... 
The Trees were really warned about it, but just let them.... because they would like to have their good connected neighbourhood in a balanced fashion, they thought.... still there was some abuses...
The Trees were now on their own , the Passenger and Owl realised that was time to just let them take care....let the nature follow its path.... there were so many adventures, advises, experiences... that risk was almost null... they have had a good tuition.... 
It happens that one day, there were some lumberjack crossing by the forest.... and gathered with the wolves and bears as an invitation from the last... " so as you figure it hasn't been easy for us to get there .... " explained the wolves.... The lumberjack showed their strategy for cases like this... " and then you can get as much leaves, flowers as you want.... what do you think" They all laugh and agreed for the strategy.
The strategy was fire.... with the menace they would accept anything... so they did started a fire from the surroundings... ... soon the greedy bears and wolves thought that the flames weren't high enough so burnt some more fossils.... and just laugh with their shiny teeth and slobbery mouth ..... 
The Passenger and Owl couldn't believe what they eyes were testifying ..... all the efforts, pains, and joy were being consumed now in flames..... anyhow their mission sense, made them fought the irated and ruthless flames till exhaustion, even more that they could bear..... they cried together, none has see that coming.
The evil had been spread around the fence, over the trees.... the consumed area was extensive, the only smell in the air now, was from the ashes mixed with raw of the black coal left...  
The Bears and Wolves sniffed around hoping to get some share .... but there was no flower, no perfume left..... even the lumberjack turned away when realized that the wood wasn't good enough as their intended. Slowly all that fuss turned off.. All the spectators left the show, there was nothing left to be seen or even worth to take away.... The remaining Owl and Passenger just stood there waiting ... repairing the damages as they could..... just trying to figure what went wrong .... 
The Trees were alive though.... 
The Passenger took a long look towards the Trees , and stated to the Owl....
" Its time for me to leave, i can't go on here anymore..... my strengths are gone; I did more than I could... everything were at the nature own path, we did know that from the very beginning;b I know that we travelled so far together.... and the way will always be long and difficult .... but i promise that we will find each other in another journey". The Owl willingly accepted it.... although in a costly fashion; she couldn't believe that this journey just went to an end... and for that .... couldn't understand, so stammered...... " Maybe is for the better"
And with an embarrassed smile and a fading sun in the landscape.... the Passenger said goodbye and walked alone the hill with no thoughts this time.... just  peace on his mind waiting for the next journey to come.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Did your heard about my movie?

I remember when i was in University, when i missed 1999 "Fight Club" movie with  ... and my friends came to me telling how overwhelmed they were with the whole film ... they had reason.
Later I saw it and became also very surprised for the ending, (specially the end). I was very sceptic about it, because of movie's title.... "Like the 80's martial arts movies" (i thought); It happened that the whole movie development was amazing; David Fincher made an interesting metaphor for society rules (for the time and present) and how schizophrenic it can be to accept being mainstreamed or standardized without any aware of it... cherry at the top of the cake... "where is my mind " from the Pixies

Nevertheless if I made a movie, a sort of an action/drama one,  i would like that would end with Lou Reed's "perfect day"  which could actually suit to the end of the fight clubs movie with the implosions..... hey, is just an opinion....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

World buzz latest

Ukraine, Venezuela .... escalates on violence and death.... is this what governors want, pain for their citizens? Although in different paths in what have caused such violence, the results appear to be similar.
 As i write before, what about citizens own interest? Who as legitimacy to determinate how a society should evolute?  Nowadays everyones has an opinion about everything (even I do!!!), but as long as these opinions won't dictate rules, or spread fear and terror....
As long as a territory and gov seeks for true peace, and well being to achieve citizens will/ desires, I guess its sovereignty shouldn't be threaten or even questioned for anyone. But in these cases, freedom has some side and human costly effects, and as we can see, when everyone wants to influence or force a path, turbulence just grows as an hungry loose beast....
So what to do then? In democratic societies, if citizens decide and want a different desires than govs, they should be responsible for it; Govs are citizens mandates, or "employees" they should entirely respect that issue, else, it will be endless fights, in a chaotic scenario.