Friday, March 14, 2014

Did your heard about my movie?

I remember when i was in University, when i missed 1999 "Fight Club" movie with  ... and my friends came to me telling how overwhelmed they were with the whole film ... they had reason.
Later I saw it and became also very surprised for the ending, (specially the end). I was very sceptic about it, because of movie's title.... "Like the 80's martial arts movies" (i thought); It happened that the whole movie development was amazing; David Fincher made an interesting metaphor for society rules (for the time and present) and how schizophrenic it can be to accept being mainstreamed or standardized without any aware of it... cherry at the top of the cake... "where is my mind " from the Pixies

Nevertheless if I made a movie, a sort of an action/drama one,  i would like that would end with Lou Reed's "perfect day"  which could actually suit to the end of the fight clubs movie with the implosions..... hey, is just an opinion....

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