Friday, March 21, 2014

POETRY DAY - a thought about it

As i see it, Poetry is like a life metaphor .... a subtle look from a deep conscious state, which can be whatever the author or reader wants.... so here's my small contribute. (got done a new sound also.... please just click "play" if you want to ear it)


Through images seen
Through thoughts I gather
Some truth where I lean
Read it in a bird's feather

All that it is
All that it has been
Perhaps doesn't makes sense
Because landscapes are thin
And they can be so dense;
By the touch of a finger
By the sound of a ear
Where you can finally rest
Where you can finally linger
Lulled by a journeys quest
Only with peace, with no fear.

About to find a new sky
Maybe its a dream at sleep
Probably just a quantum leap
This path at a blink of an eye.

Gallardo Santini

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