Saturday, March 1, 2014

World buzz latest

Ukraine, Venezuela .... escalates on violence and death.... is this what governors want, pain for their citizens? Although in different paths in what have caused such violence, the results appear to be similar.
 As i write before, what about citizens own interest? Who as legitimacy to determinate how a society should evolute?  Nowadays everyones has an opinion about everything (even I do!!!), but as long as these opinions won't dictate rules, or spread fear and terror....
As long as a territory and gov seeks for true peace, and well being to achieve citizens will/ desires, I guess its sovereignty shouldn't be threaten or even questioned for anyone. But in these cases, freedom has some side and human costly effects, and as we can see, when everyone wants to influence or force a path, turbulence just grows as an hungry loose beast....
So what to do then? In democratic societies, if citizens decide and want a different desires than govs, they should be responsible for it; Govs are citizens mandates, or "employees" they should entirely respect that issue, else, it will be endless fights, in a chaotic scenario.

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