Friday, April 25, 2014


This is the time where citizens should be more aware than ever.
Are we forget that freedom implies a true responsibility? Have we been responsible enough
to deserve that "freedom" or are we just mere audience of "tv shows"?

A true change (revolution) should start in citizens minds, hence thoughts, then in anything else,
so I bow to the ones that are strong enough these days to leave their comfort zone, to achieve
something better.

as i said before o conhecimento é liberdade, knowledge is freedom, conocimiento es libertad, connaissance c'est liberté, Wissen ist Freiheit, знание это свобода,  知識是自由

(btw these sentences above have nothing to do with political ideology, since i can't recognize myself in any)

as in Tarantino, Django 2012  movie here's Anthony Hamilton - (Feat. Elayna Boynton) 

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