Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the EURO thing

There's something in the way that simply puzzles me;
For instance, this last sunday there has been elections for the european parliament, yet,
so few subjects have been discussed about europe.
As so many have wrote about it, these are mere local intermediate elections.
Lets see: there hasn't been public debate, the usual marketing flyers are composed by internal slogans, public appearances of the main candidates, are just fait divers ... its a mind game, which citizens don't approve at all. If you look at the results will notice that the winner with majority is : abstention.  With a mean participation of 43,09%  in the whole of the EU countries thats too low, facing the advance of some radical left and right wings movements. So what to do now? Do we want to take the (peace!!!)  destiny in our hands or maintain continuous distance between citizens and politics? Being european, means achieving consensus within a long term true strategic project, in order to keep the countries bonded..... so where's the glue that stick this together? has someone run out of glue????  The euro flag should mean something ..... otherwise is just some blue scarf....with random spreaded and alone (lost in the universe) stars or even "black dwarfs".....

Thursday, May 15, 2014



What a fade in and out
All this noisy rumble
All this speechless shout
That makes crawl and stumble

What a fall in and out
That wipes away the mean
Because our body's so heavy
And   mind so unclean
And  paradise so steady
Floating above the water steam

Where  golden  fishes  plunge  in dance
In the white whispers  at night
Where the moon hopes her chance
For the wind to blow light

No one's there to enjoy the paint
Just tiny waves of reflection
Just the dark glow faint
Echoes of laughs intersection

Among the listless  warm breeze
That rides towards universe  infinity
There are random thoughts release
That flow throughout pure insanity.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

an Euro vision...

I'm no one to judge .... but did you heard about the eurovision song contest?
Who has won that night?, did the singer won? Did his marketeer won? Who really own this winning?
Should this stage act, be so political as it is ... ? OK,  at the end, it can be what spectators, audience, media want, so should we be entitled to question what criteria could be placed to evaluate such contest.... because this is starting to look like everything else.... lots of rules, no effects .... all misunderstood... and big shots on the loose, lots of it...  this are just fire works...... let the circus continue.