Tuesday, May 13, 2014

an Euro vision...

I'm no one to judge .... but did you heard about the eurovision song contest?
Who has won that night?, did the singer won? Did his marketeer won? Who really own this winning?
Should this stage act, be so political as it is ... ? OK,  at the end, it can be what spectators, audience, media want, so should we be entitled to question what criteria could be placed to evaluate such contest.... because this is starting to look like everything else.... lots of rules, no effects .... all misunderstood... and big shots on the loose, lots of it...  this are just fire works...... let the circus continue.


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G,

My first reaction when I read about this year's winner: I cracked up.
My second reaction: what the hell?
My third reaction: political correctness at play.

I read that the viewers, who voted, are shocked and slamming the show because their vote was totally disregarded (apparently most of them wanted the Polish girls to win), but the so-called experts voted for Tom/Conchita.
Politics prevailed and let's see the repercussions of the "judges'" decisions.

What about Russia's reaction?


Lenny Hannah said...

Olá, Gallardo!

Aquele tipo foi um oportunista; é por causa de gente como ele que leva os dirigentes africanos a estigmatizarem os homossexuais em África.

Depois disto acho que, o concurso da eurovisão deva conter o círculo vermelho, no canto superior direito do ecrã da TV, e também um mecanismo para os pais accionarem o botão de parental guidance.

Um abraço e boa semana de trabalho!

GALLARDO said...

Hi Max thx for appearing at this corner... Suzy portuguese, almost singer, should have won... (i want to be yours oh oh oh) ahaha that would be a political correct option.... from the manish point of view... well... lets say that poland had arguments... Oh the experts....there are so many doing so little... Russian reaction was expected, reflecting their own laws (theres coherence in that) and position about sexual choice freedom.

GALLARDO said...

Lenny: welcome! concordo no exagero do circo e acaba por ser uma desconsideração para com os outros concorrentes. As motivações que levam a termos esta feira televisiva vão além do fait divers aka conchita . Assim vai o mundo, nos exageros em direto... talvez eu já esteja desfasado das tendencias globais do marketing populaça. Cmpts, Uma boa semana tb!